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  • Tony Qin
    Aug 12, 2013
    Thanks, Amy, for your interest.

    AMC 8 -- $420 for 10 weeks 9/7/13 ~ 11/9/13, on Saturdays 5:00 ~ 7:00 PM (120 minutes).
    Pre-AMC (Math Olympiad E): $320 for 10 weeks 9/8/13 ~ 11/10/13, on Sundays, 5:30 ~ 7:00 PM (90 minutes).

    Note that:
    (1) 10% off for the younger sibling
    (2) $30 off if register before or on Monday, 8/19/2013.
    (3) Limited seats with small class teaching, plus weekly homework

    Registration: 3520 San Felipe Road, San Jose, CA 95135 (inside the building of Evergreen Valley United Methodist Church)

    Please see the attachment for more details.



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    Hi Tony,
    Thank you so much for these important information! my elder son is 12 years old, 7th grade on the coming fall, younger one is 10 yrs old, 5th grade on the coming fall. I'm interested your class, where the class location and price? thanks! 


    From: Tony Qin <tony_qin@...>
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    Subject: [EVERGREENJECTS] Spring Source Math Club (Math Olympiad E, AMC 8, ...) [1 Attachment]

    Spring Source Math Club (SSMC) is founded to help students of elementary, middle, and high schools to increase their interest in mathematics and to develop skills in Logical reasoning, Analytic thinking, and Problem solving (LAP). In detail, SSMC helps students achieve the following goals:

    a.      Intellectual growth

    b.      Spiritual growth
    • Nurture students with a spirit of perseverance and challenge-taking.
    • Help students grow with life confidence in problem solving and deep internal gratification with their achievement

      1. Pre-AMC (a.k.a. Math Olympiad E) : G4 ~ G6 or equivalent
    To build up solid foundation for American Mathematics Competitions 8 (AMC 8)
      2. AMC 8 Preparation: G6 ~ G8
    To prepare for AMC 8 on Tuesday, 11/19/2013

                        Note: AMC 10/12 will be offered later.

    Tony Qin, Ph.D.& M.S. of Oxford University
    Dr. Qin worked as high school math teacher and lecturer in mathematics at university in China, respectively. He has participated in marking math papers of China's national college entry examination for years. He also has working experiences at universities, subsequently at Oxford University; Karlsruhe University, Germany; and Hong Kong University.

    Please feel free to contact us for more details ...

    Best regards,


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