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Re: New 497 Autostar firmware at Meade: v40Eb

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  • John Z
    Hi Chris - Mike Weasner gave me engineer@meade.com, but my impression was this isn t a tech support address - it s more for reporting bugs. I had reported an
    Message 1 of 10 , Oct 1, 2005
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      Hi Chris -

      Mike Weasner gave me engineer@..., but my impression was this
      isn't a tech support address - it's more for reporting bugs. I had
      reported an electric focuser/Autostar 34eb issue to them, and got no
      response, but they fixed the problem in the new release. So I was
      very surprised to get an answer from them to my Star name issue.

      I reserve use of that address only to report bugs or design problems I
      see, not to ask for help or complain.

      It's a funny thing. I have both Meade and Celestron scopes. And the
      Celestrons give me less trouble. But, in the software department,
      they don't do nearly as much as the Meades. And for all the little
      issues that crop up, I like Meade's attempts to be innovative and
      appeal to the raw beginner - so I end up really loving these little
      scopes, and respect Meade's efforts to make things right.

      John Z

      --- In ETXASTRO@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Jakubowski"
      <chrisjakubowski@h...> wrote:
      > John
      > What e-mail are you using? Is it the outlet store address?
      Had a
      > problem with a DSX which they handled superbly, but was wondering if
      > would field questions through that address also?
      > Chris
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