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13516Bargain ETX 125

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  • dtalbot.rm
    Apr 24, 2014
      Well now the lens cap is off and the battery wire re-soldered I have a functional ETX 125 for around half the normal UK price for one this age. It looks like the flip mirror holder thingie has been repaired more than once in the past and I think it is beyond functioning again. Plus as expected the UK agents say they can't supply a replacementI've ordered a thread adapter for the camera port as I've got a spare LX visual back kicking around so will use that on it and dump the flip mirror. Once I'd found a way of getting the cap off (thanks again everyone) I think the hardest bit of the whole job was getting the sticky from the duct tape off!
      Am I going to confuse the autostar from my ETX 90 by plugging it into the 125 or will it be happy running both scopes?

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