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13510Re: [ETXASTRO] Stuck lense cap

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  • Stan Stocker
    Apr 23, 2014

      Before getting to fancy, try wrapping and strapping the corrector ring
      on the tube in place with duct tape. The try using some heavy duty
      double sided tape to hold a lever to the cap. You might wrape the cap
      in duct tape and manage to get the thing to turn.

      Wads of duct tape often left watch guys open screw together cases
      nothing else will touch. You would be surprised how often my several
      hundred dollars worth of case opening tools have let me down, but duct
      tape has come through!

      If all else fails, you might cut through the perimeter of the cap where
      the ding occurred with a jewelers saw enough to relieve the strain on
      the threads.

      Jammed large diameter fine threads are always such a source of bliss...

      Good luck with it,

      On 04/22/2014 03:47 PM, dtalbot@... wrote:
      > Thanks, Rod and Mike, a few things to try and I guess the drill holes
      > and and fit a big lever is bound to work if it can get a good enough
      > grip on the corrector assembly! Simpler things first though! I can
      > probably get the front assembly into the freezer, and from what the chap
      > it came from said he has taken it off at least once to try and fix it so
      > I guess any harm to the collimation that could cause has already been done.
      > Oh and maybe what puts an end to this project as I guess Meade don't
      > sell spares to mere mortals like me but the plastic carrier for the flip
      > mirror is broken so I'll need to sort that as well. But assuming I can
      > sort it a nice cheap 125. Still gives me something to do while its
      > cloudy (most of the time in England in the summer!)
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