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13497Re: ETX AutoStar question

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  • autostaretx
    Apr 20, 2014
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      The  Autostar (or the small hand controller that also came with those models) has 99% of the brains of the system.  It sends message packets to small "motor card" processors, but those messages are not standard (i.e. they're Meade-specific) compared to any other system.
      A *very* few folks have reverse-engineered them and achieved some control, but i can only think of 2 or 3 over the past 14 years.
      The Autostar 494 (no numeric keypad, but with the 2-line screen), 495, 497, 497EP and Audiostar are all capable of controlling the scope, so ebay (etc) are valid sources.

      If you really want to explore "do it yourself", the two places to start are Meade's patents:
      6,304,376  6,392,799  6,445,498   6,563,636  align: 6,922,283
      (the first is really all you need) and the Roboscope Yahoo group's Files area:

      have fun
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