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13461Re: [ETXASTRO] Windows 8

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  • nh6wl@sbcglobal.net
    Oct 28, 2013
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      Hello Warp

      I have had problems lately in both Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 of getting a blue
      screen while using either DSI Pro, DSI2C or DSI III Pro. I don't know what
      the problem is but when the computer reboots I usually am able to continue
      with the same setup I was using before. I don't remember but I may have had
      several instances of this occurring in one session. I am using Win 8 and
      8.1 on a Surface and have extreme problems getting my Orion Star Shoot Auto
      Guider to be recognized. I read that it is Microsofts implementation of USB
      3.0 as far as the SSAG problem goes.

      In Win 7 I use a Toshiba Core I7 based laptop and get the same behavior
      with the DSI and Envisage but it seems not to be so often. I don't remember
      now if I was using USB 3.0 port or USB 2.0 but I will make it a point to
      check it out on both next time I use the DSI. I have not been able to get
      beyond connecting to the DSI on my HP Desktop before getting the blue
      screen. I haven't tried much beyond reinstalling Envisage v7.09 on the desk
      top and still get the same results. I don't know the problem but I only use
      the desktop to check the DSIs in house. I just get the laptop out now if I
      have the need for in house testing.

      I use a DSLR most of the time now except on the ETX 125.


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      Subject: [ETXASTRO] Windows 8

      To all...

      Does anyone have any experience or have you used Windows 8 with the Meade
      Envisage software and DSI cameras? What are the compatibility issues if any
      that you have run into?

      Thanks in advance for any info.


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