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13450Re: ETX-70A baterry cover compatibility

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  • autostaretx
    Aug 26, 2013
      > I have bought an used ETX-70AT with a missing battery cover.
      > I have found some for the ETX80. Is this missing part compatible
      > with the ETX80 and ETX90 newer version?

      That probably depends upon the vintage...
      I have an old (roughly 2001) ETX-70, and the battery cover is on the top of the rotating base. It's a small cover, expecting to hold a 9v battery (or 6 AA cell holder). It would match a same-vintage ETX-80.

      My ancient (1999) ETX-90 has a much different cover that goes on the bottom of the non-rotating base.

      You could see if the new model of ETX-90's manual can be downloaded from Meade's site, and compare the pictures to see if they're similar to yours.

      good luck
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