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Summary Update EVS-24 Stavanger Norway

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  • Remy Chevalier
    From: BRUCE MELAND etimes@ teleport.com EVS-24 24th International Battery, Hybrid, Hydrogen and Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition Stavanger, Norway on
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      etimes@ teleport.com

      24th International Battery, Hybrid, Hydrogen and Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition
      Stavanger, Norway on May 11-16 2009

      Over 1,000 attendees from 45 Nations came together at the Stavanger Forum Hotel Complex for global networking and exchange of technical information on the development of electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, batteries, fuelcells and hydrogen powered vehicles.
      Over 30 zero emission and near zero emission vehicles participated in the Viking Rally on the Hydrogen Highway, E-18,345 miles from Oslo to Stavanger. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway participated in the Viking Rally, riding in a Ford Focus fuel cell vehicle for the first leg of the race.
      The theme of EVS-24 focused on the acceleration of production of these sustainable vehicles and the infrastructure necessary to accommodate these zero emission vehicles. Such infrastructure needed includes: more manufacturing facilities of these zero emission vehicles by major and smaller companies worldwide, charging stations and hydrogen fueling stations, necessary to service these sustainable vehicles as population of  these vehicles increases.

      There ware many organizations represented and papers presented at EVS-24 from around the world.  Again the focus of EVS-24 was accelerated infrastructure development for sustainable vehicles. Host Norway has set a good example for starting the electric vehicle manufacturing revolution with 2 companies already producing electric vehicles for the European market. The Th!nk electric vehicle and the buddy electric vehicle by Elbil Norge were also present both in the Viking Rally with several vehicles each entered, and present at the exhibition hall and at the ride and drive area. 

      Elbil Norge unveiled their new 2010 model buddy electric vehicle at a press conference in the exhibition hall on Press Day. Th!nk electric vehicle representatives indicated they were seeking assembly plants both in the United States and Europe. Electric vehicle production worldwide could help jump start the sagging auto sales market due to the world wide recession.

      Another large grassroots Norwegian organization,NorStart,was present promoting EV infrastructure in Norway.  NorStart consists of about 300 EV owners in Norway that have a full time political lobbyist taking care of their objectives of building EV charging stations in urban Norway.  At present 500 charging stations have been installed to charge about 1000 electric vehicles in the greater Oslo area  
      It was pointed out at EVS-24 by Hermann Scheer, founder of the World Council of Renewable Energy and International Renewable Energy Agency that sustainable fuels such as hydrogen from water, electricity from wind mills, hydropower, and solar electric panels  cannot be price controlled, hedged or involved in speculation once the generating facility is established. Recent speculation of finite fossil fuels was a major factor in driving up gas and diesel prices last summer and helped set off the latest recession in the United States which is heavily dependent on foreign oil.

      There were a some new electric vehicles on display at the exhibit hall that will hopefully make it to market worldwide in the near future. Tata Motors Indica Vista  EV, Bright Automotive Plug-in Hybrid Electric Van, Heuliez EV, and Mitsubishi iMiEV, and new 2010 buddy EV and last but not least the Th!nk EV.

      Bruce Meland
      Editor-Publisher of Electrifying Times
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