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Our Molecular Future By Douglas Mulhall

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  • Remy C.
    Our Molecular Future How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, and Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our World By Douglas Mulhall 300 pp ISBN: 1-57392-992-1
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2002
      Our Molecular Future
      How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, and Artificial Intelligence Will
      Transform Our World
      By Douglas Mulhall

      300 pp
      ISBN: 1-57392-992-1
      Hard Cover: $28

      Title of Chapter 11:
      "An Elephant in the Room of Environmentalism"

      The press release boldly claims this new book will be to the 21st century
      what Alvin Toffler's Future Shock was to the 20th. I wouldn't go so far. I
      might even suspect that the comparison might deter some folks from paying
      closer attention. Future Shock was sheer populism... this book is more
      attuned to an update on last year's Materials Matter from MIT Press, but
      with a "fringe" spin.

      It's a Prometheus book after all, and we know how they love to rant on
      anything even remotely "strange" and keep close association with Skeptic
      groups. Our Molecular Future quotes generously from Skeptic magazine...

      But maybe the editors at Prometheus didn't read the book all the way
      through... The author actually dedicates a chapter to giving credence to
      recent theories that ancient civilizations may have been around a lot longer
      than previously carbon-dated, and mentions all the usual Prometheus suspects
      like Graham Hancock & Christopher Dunn.

      You see, back in 1994 Douglas Mulhall had an epiphany watching
      Shoemaker-Levy-9 slam into Jupiter. Up until then he had been a staunch
      environmentalist with a stellar green record of International activism. What
      was it all for if a comet could just come along and destroy all the good
      he'd been trying to do to "Save The Planet". What was the point?

      This book is the result. It's the techno-fix answer to the alarmist rantings
      of Art Bell, Whitley Streiber, and all the other global warming panic
      mongers which he calls "disaster porn".

      Nanotechnology could be our saving grace, the new tool to give us the means
      to protect ourselves from the next planetary calamity, and preserve the
      species, unlike previous decimated civilizations.

      But he stays clear from occult Nazis who claim the remnants of past eras are
      now comfortably settled inside the earth, only sporadically visiting in
      UFOs, once and for all protected from the precarious and temperamental
      elements of the surface. :)

      The book is a strange mix of solid science and serious commentary about
      extraordinarily strong new materials, from a man with a prolific background
      as an environmental journalist, and a sudden realization that the
      environmental mission needs to be redefined to meet modern challenges.

      Remy C.

      From the publisher's website:
      From the author's website:

      “ ‘Impossible’ science that can change our daily lives and thwart
      earth-threatening natural catastrophes—the stuff of a dozen Hollywood
      thrillers? … [Mulhall’s] meticulously researched and concisely written text
      is the thinking person’s guide to the new century.”
      —Eric Orbom, Hollywood art director and set designer for such films as
      Future World, Spawn, and Deep Impact

      "This is a vital book for those who care about the environment, society and
      deploying new technology to check the destructive power of humankind."—Allan
      Thornton, President, Environmental Investigation Agency, Washington, DC.,
      and recipient of the Albert Schweitzer Medal

      “This book will shake conventional environmental wisdom to its roots. … A
      landmark work that should be read by environmentalists and businesspersons
      alike.”—Patrick Moore, cofounder, Greenpeace; president, Greenspirit

      Publicity contact:
      Jill Maxick - 800.853.75.45

      Prometheus Books
      59 John Glenn Drive
      Amherst, New York
      14228-2197, USA

      Lots more links from that url to other related organizations.
      This is the selection for Nanotechnology dedicated media...

      NanoInvestorNews http://www.nanoinvestornews.com
      Nanomagazine.com http://www.nanomagazine.com
      Nanotech Investor newsletter http://www.nanotechinvesting.com
      NanoTechnology Magazine http://www.nanozine.com
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      Nanotech Planet http://www.nanotechplanet.com
      Small Times http://www.smalltimes.com

      Douglas Mulhall was Managing Director of the Hamburg Environmental
      Institute, a scientific assessment organization. He co-founded the first
      Brazilian institute, 'O Instituto Ambiental', to be devoted exclusively to
      water recycling. His hands-on work with natural disaster preparedness came
      from co-designing, building, and operating water recycling and flood control
      facilities in China and Brazil, in cooperation with the European Commission
      and multinational companies.

      He was a contributing author to the first book about Green Business to be
      published by Financial Times/Pitman. He co-authored many related works
      including: the first green technology concept for the 2000 World Exposition;
      some of the first Intelligent Product Guidelines for industry -
      http://www.epea.com/english/ips.html - a team led by Michael Braungart (who
      co-authored Cradle to Cradle with William McDonough), and the Guide to
      Tropical Wastewater Recycling published by the European Commission.

      His articles have been published by a transcontinental spectrum of respected
      publishers including: Die Zeit and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in
      Germany, Globo in Brazil, and Water, Environment & Technology and Futures
      Research Quarterly in the U.S.A.
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