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4th Annual Route 66 Film Festival :: Sep17/18 :: Springfield Ill.

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  • Remy Chevalier
    From: Linda McElroy Linmcelroy@ aol.com http://www.route66filmfestival.org (sadly offline for the time being... but full details below...) 4th Annual Route 66
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2005
      Linda McElroy
      (sadly offline for the time being... but full details below...)

      4th Annual Route 66 Film Festival
      September 17-18, 2005
      Hoogland Center for the Arts
      3rd Floor Theater
      420 S. Fourth Street
      Springfield, Illinois
      See 2005 Award Winners
      Plus 11 Featured Films
      Gala Awards Ceremony!
      Tickets available at the door
      Just $5 per session
      All-Day Pass $15
      See 34 films for Only $30!
      Saturday Schedule
      9:30 – Noon – Screenwriting Workshop, Stan Sowa, Screenwriters Group, Chicago
      1:00 People’s Choice Contest
      1. Maggie’s Mission, Kimberly Gebhart
      2. The Malt Shop in the Sky, Vince Williams
      3. Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana, Ken Kimmelman
      4. Dear Mr. President, Joshua Hester
      5. Travis Love, Aaron Boyette
      6. Sir Josh, Chris Hite
      7. Eddie’s Winning Date, Julia Radochia
      8. A Jersey Yellow, R. Emmett Sibley
      3:00 Politics in Film
      Pledge of Allegiance Blues
      Lisa Seidenberg
      Lincoln Presidential Library Award
      Lincolnland Riots
      Brent Barrow
      6:00 People’s Choice Drama
      1. Like His Father, Julia Radochia
      2. The Guardian, Jonathon Christians
      3. Goat Hill West, Aaron Boyette
      4. Habits and Vices, Shannon N. Mathesis
      5. Third Eye, Aaron Sheehan
      6. Spaceman Dan’s 243rd Flight, John Mossman
      7. The Offering, Paul Lee
      8. Life in Transition, John Dilworth
      7:30 Late Show
      Joshua Hester
      5th World*
      Blackhorse Lowe
      Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea*
      Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer
      *May contain language or situations not suitable for children.
      Sunday Schedule
      12:00 p.m.  Foreign Lands
      Bosa Nova Scotia
      Nick Ravich
      Best Foreign Film
      Amsterdam via Amsterdam
      Rogier van Eck and Rob Rombout
      1:30  Fun for Kids of All Ages
      Jennifer Gauthier
      22 Feet
      Seth Camillo
      Best Student Film
      Trammell Scrruggs, Charlotte Cushman, Emma Meyers, Clara Coulter, Ben Collins
      Mamochka: A Russian Folktale Retold
      Jody Lee Olhava
      Ice Cream Man: Action!
      Jim and Kesara Becker
      Best of Fest Award
      Day of the Grackle
      Michael Berry and Rod Weber
      2:45  Featured Documentary
      Parallel Lines
      Nina Davenport
      4:30 Short Films and Awards
      Seth Camillo
      Best Animated Film
      John Cernak
      Best Drama
      The Empty Building
      Giovanni Sanseviero
      Best Comedy
      Cleveland in My Dreams
      Mark K. Sullivan
      Awards Presentation
      Route 66 Film Festival Committee
      Linda McElroy, Director
      Meredith Dumyahn, Student Director
      Andy Davis
      Bill Hannaford
      Jeremy Jones
      Barbara Oglesby
      Donna Pleshe
      Julianne Shoopman
      Marc Sigoloff
      Chandler Smith 
      Special Thanks to
      Dean Williams
      Projection Equipment
      Tim Conrad
      Poster Design
      Jeremy Morgan
      Illinois Film Office
      Sponsor of Screenwriting Workshop
      The Filmmakers Who Submitted Their Work
      Without them, we would be looking
      at a blank screen.
      Saturday Schedule
      1:00  People’s Choice Contest
      Maggie’s Mission
      Kimberly Gebhart, Miami
      A young girl works for a special reason. 14:00
      The Malt Shop in the Sky
      Vince Williams, Fullerton, CA
      Fort Worth family tries to beat the 80% restaurant failure rate with a 50s diner. 24:00
      Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana
      Ken Kimmelman, New York
      Eli Siegel reads his famous poem in this odyssey relating an afternoon in Montana to the whole world, past and present. 15:30
      Dear Mr. President
      Joshua Hester, Springfield
      A personal film derived from two letters sent to the President shortly before the Iraq War.  5:00
      Travis Love
      Aaron Boyette, Manchaca, TX
      What he-man Travis does while his wife is away will surprise you.  Comedy, 6:00
      Sir Josh
      Chris Hite, Carrboro, NC
      The story of a man who loves his car although he can’t drive it.  Documentary, 10:00
      Eddie’s Winning Date
      Julia Radochia, Los Angeles
      Eddie must call every woman he ever dated and ditched when he loses a bet. Comedy, 15:00
      A Jersey Yellow
      R. Emmett Sibley, Brooklyn, NY
      Three friends’ plans to get rich have unexpected results.  Comedy, 19:00
      3:00 Politics in Film
      Pledge of Allegiance Blues
      Featured Documentary
      Lisa Seidenberg, Westport, CT
      Sacramento physician Michael Newdow’s quest to remove “under God” from the pledge leads to controversy and a landmark Supreme Court decision.  72:00
      Lincolnland Riots
      Lincoln Presidential Library Award
      Brent Barrow, Springfield
      Springfield’s 1908 race riots were the catalyst for the formation of the NAACP, but the story has been hidden in the shadow of Lincoln’s legacy.  24:00
      6:00 People’s Choice Drama
      Like His Father
      Julia Radochia, Los Angeles
      Wendy fears the reaction of her boyfriend’s mother when she leaves his abusive son.  4:00
      The Guardian
      Jonathon Christians, Taylorville, IL
      Mankind is being watched by an alien race; can the guardians protect us?  7:00
      Goat Hill West
      Aaron Boyette, Manchaca, TX
      Getting lost in the backwoods could be fatal to a young city slicker.  7:56
      Habits and Vices
      Shannon N. Matheis, Springfield
      Just another night at the local bar turns into a night of terror as patrons begin to fall dead. 7:00
      Third Eye
      Aaron Sheehan, Springfield
      A former drug addict gets in over his head when a creature he summons transports him to the true reality.  10:00
      Spaceman Dan’s 243rd Flight
      John Mossman, Brookfield, IL
      Stories of an innocent farm girl and her brother and a troublesome call girl and a hitman converge at an abandoned house. 30:00
      The Offering
      Paul Lee, Toronto
      An elegiac meditation on the passing of life through the story of love and friendship between a Japanese monk and his novice.  10:00
      Life in Transition
      John Dilworth, New York
      A visual, symbolic journey depicting transformations of life from birth to death to rebirth.  4:10
      7:30 Late Show
      Joshua Hester, Springfield
      A metaphysical journey about growing up and conquering a fear of the future.  4:10
      5th World*
      Featured Drama
      Blackhorse Lowe, Glendale, AZ
      A young Navaho couple hitchhike across the rez getting to know each other better and falling deeper in love, but will a dark cultural secret destroy their happiness?  75:00
      Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea*
      Featured Documentary
      Chris Metzler &Jeff Springer, San Francisco
      John Waters narrates the story of how man and nature created an ecological nightmare and residents’ reactions to their surroundings. 67:30
      *May contain language or situations not suitable for children.
      Sunday Schedule
      12:00 p.m.  Foreign Lands
      Bosa Nova Scotia
      Nick Ravich, Philadelphia
      Take a  road trip through maritime Canada to a swinging Brazilian score. 3:07
      Amsterdam via Amsterdam
      Best Foreign Film
      Rogier van Eck & Rob Rombout, Bruxelles
      Follow the route if two 16th century Dutch navigators from the northern to the southern extremities of the world.  80:00
      1:30  Fun for Kids
      Jennifer Gauthier, New York
      Tour Hong Kong in one minute.
      22 Feet
      Seth Camillo, Iowa City
      It’s Bobby’s first season working for the circus and his first time to feed the snakes their monthly meal.  7:00
      Best Student Film
      Students of Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, Emeryville, CA
      A reporter seeking a story becomes involved with a scientist, his assistant and a python.  6:00
      Mamochka: A Russian Folktale Retold
      Jody Lee Olhava, Sylmar, CA
      A Russian peasant girl becomes separated from her mother on the last day of the turn of the century harvest.  24:34
      Ice Cream Man: Action!
      Jim and Kesara Becker, Salem, IL
      A former actor uses martial arts skills to serve sweet treats at a market in Thailand. 6:44
      Day of the Grackle
      Best of Fest
      Michael Berry & Rod Weber
      In a classic story of man vs. beast, a hen-pecked suburbanite battles a bird that has raised the ire of his shrewish wife.  19:00
      2:45  Parallel Lines
      Featured Documentary
      Nina Davenport, New York
      Afraid to fly home after 9/11, Nina drives backroads from LA to New York talking to people along the way and recording their surprising reactions and personal stories of heartache and humor.  98:00
      4:15  Short Films and Awards
      Seth Camillo, Iowa City
      Music video featuring a trapeze artist, a baseball playing elephant and a python.  3:00
      Best Animated Film
      John Cernak, Winston-Salem, SC
      What “The Man” wants, “The Man” gets and if you don’t pay attention, it will go by in the blink of a sound bite!  5:10
      The Empty Building
      Best Drama
      Giovanni Sanseviero, Long Island City, NY
      Entering the empty building takes visitors back in time to relive a traumatic event and lead them toward hope for the future.  39:56
      Cleveland in My Dreams
      Best Comedy
      Mark K. Sullivan, Joplin, MO
      From a Lawrence Block story, a man suffering from recurring dream finds relief by following the advice of a clever psychiatrist. 27:30
      Meet the Filmmakers!
      Brent Barrow – Lincolnland Riots
      Lincoln Presidential Library Award
      Brent Barrow was born and grew up in Springfield, Illinois. After graduating from Illinois State University with a B.F.A. in photography and cinema studies, he worked on numerous film and television productions in Chicago. He then attended graduate school at Northern Illinois University where he studied documentary film.  Lincolnland Riots is his first documentary.
      Jim & Kesara Becker – Ice Cream Man: Action!
      Featured Short
      Jim Becker grew up in central Illinois near White Heath.  After completing a bachelor’s degree in cinema at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, he joined the Peace Corps in 1987 and lived in Thailand for two years. There he met his wife Kesara who also grew up on a farm, was the youngest of four children and was within six months of his age. Talk about a small world.  Kesara holds a business degree from Ramkamhaeng University.  They have two daughters and live in Salem, Illinois.
      Michael Berry & Rod Weber – Day of the Grackle
      Best of Fest Winner
      This is Michael’s debut as a film director, but he is resi-dent director of Regarde Nous Theater Co. in New York and has directed many of its productions.  As an actor, he has worked on Broadway, national tours, feature films, television and regional theater.  He recently was nominated as Best Featured Actor in a Play for his role of Starbuck in The Work’s production of “Moby Dick.
      Director of photography and editor Rod Weber has been studying films for 25 years.  In 2003 he created a Los Angeles-based production company that shoots music videos, concerts and promotional reels for actors.  As an actor, Rod has appeared on Broadway in “The Civil War,” “Jekyll & Hyde,” and “Saturday Night Fever,” and toured in “The Full Monty,” “Mamma Mia,” and “Starlight Express.”
      Aaron Boyette – Travis Love and Goat Hill West
      People’s Choice Comedy & Drama Entries
      Aaron Boyette is a teacher/filmmaker who lives in central Texas. Over the past year, he completed Austin Film Works Productions I and II courses under the guidance of highly respected Austin filmmaker Steve Mims. Aaron has directed several short films, a full-length documentary, and plans to produce a feature film in 2006.  His films have screened at Atlanta Under-ground Film Festival and Gulf Coast Film Fest.
      Seth Camillo – 22 Feet  and Gravity
      Featured Shorts
      Seth Camillo ran away with the circus before he turned three (with his mother, an artist and writer).   He re- turned to the Carson and Barnes Circus after living in both London and Barcelona, acquiring a degree in economics, taking graduate courses at the University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop, and finally detouring to a dot.com in Silicon Valley.  Currently a graduate student in film studies and comparative literature at the University of Iowa, Seth is finishing a feature-length documentary Matchmaker which took him and his co-director Dustin Morrow to Lisdoonvarna, Ireland, site of the world’s oldest match-making festival. 
      John Cernak -  Joyride
      Best Animated Film
      Cernak directed this film produced by Out of Our Minds Studios established in 2000 as a 3D animation and special effects studio.  Its six founding members were award-winning artists of all trades (designers, painters, illustrators, photographers, sculptors).  Within the second year, it had produced several regional and a few nationally recognized fully computer-generated commercials and provided digital effects for the award-winning independent feature The Rough South of Larry Brown.
      Its first animated short Dear, Sweet Emma has screened at over 100 film festivals and won 29 awards/special nominations.  Flyaway, its second short, has won 22 awards including Best Animated Film at last year’s Route 66 Film Festival.  The studio began work on its first animated feature in March.
      Jonathon Christians - The Guardian
      People’s Choice Entry
      Born in Jacksonville, Jonathon has lived in central Illinois for most of his life.  As a child, he had a very active imagination, always wanting to be in movies —not as actor, but actually in the movie, either flying in the Millennium Falcon or fighting the Joker with Batman.  He didn’t understand what a film director did until he was in high school.  When he realized what this wonderful occupation was, Jonathon decided to try to become a part of the film industry.  Now living in Taylorville and currently an art major at Lincoln Land Community College, he hopes to continue his study of film at Columbia College, Chicago. 
      Nina Davenport – Parallel Lines
      Featured Documentary
      Parallel Lines, Nina’s third film, has been shown at dozens of festivals and has won several awards.  She has received many grants including one from the National Endowment for the Arts.  Her films have been broadcast on television and shown at festivals throughout the world, garnering numerous awards.  Nina works part-time as a producer and cameraperson on television shows and was a teaching assistant in the filmmaking program at Harvard College, her alma mater.
      John Dilworth – Life in Transition
      People’s Choice Entry
      Academy Award-nominated director John R. Dilworth is a New York-based animation director and designer whose work has appeared on CBS, Showtime, HBO, FOX, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV, Canal +, and Arte.  He has produced thirteen independent films, which have widely traveled the film festival circuit, including "The Dirdy Birdy," and "The Mousochist."  Dilworth is also the creator of the Cartoon Network series "Courage the Cowardly Dog."  This is his 13th animated film.
      Ex’pression College for Digital Arts – Spiral
      Best Student Film
      Located in Emeryville, California across the bridge from San Francisco, Ex’pression College has begun an inno-vative program to assist students in entering their live- action and animated films in film festivals around the world.  Students generate about 12 live-action films every five weeks taking turns as director, cameraperson, audio mixer, boom operator, gaffer, and production assistant/continuity.  Students responsible for Spiral are
      Trammell Scrruggs, Charlotte Cushman, Emma Meyers, Clara Coulter, and Ben Collins.
      Jennifer Gauthier – HKJG03
      Featured Short
      Jennifer Gauthier’s previous short film, a 35 mm narrative comedy entitled Making Up played last year at film festivals across the U.S., from L.A. Shorts to Brooklyn International.  Jennifer is currently writing a feature narrative screenplay as well as a teleplay for a dramatic television series pilot.
      Kimberly Gebhart – Maggie’s Mission
      People’s Choice Entry
      Kimberly Gebhart is a second-year film student at Miami Dade College, in Miami, Florida.  She made her directorial debut with, Greta's Gum, a short recognized locally in the 2004 Made in Miami Film Festival. Her second film Forget Me Not was included in a student showcase screening at the Tower Theater in Miami. Maggie's Mission is her third labor of love. Kimberly will begin production for another short, Carp Diem in the fall of 2006 and is currently writing and developing her first feature-length project, which she hopes to produce and direct as an independent film.
      Josh Hester – Dear Mr. President and Dromophobic
      People’s Choice Entry and Featured Short
      Dear Mr. President has screened at a number of festivals including the first-ever International Student Documen-tary Competition where it won the award for “Best Contribution to Global Peace and Understanding.” 
      Josh has also directed a documentary short on a driver of the Emergency Traffic Patrol on the Chicago freeways entitled Minute Man in 2002, and other varied experimental and narrative work.  A graduate of Columbia College, Chicago, Josh teaches Film and Photography classes at Robert Morris College and the Springfield Art Association.
      Chris Hite – Sir Josh
      People’s Choice Entry
      Residing in North Carolina, Chris has studied and produced film and video for 15 years.  He has worked as an editor, director of photography, sound recordist and animator for hundreds of commercials, industrials and short films.  Chris teaches courses and workshops on editing and two-dimensional animation and collaborates with his wife Alena to produce animated segments for a children’s show honored at the 2004 regional Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Children’s Programming.
      Ken Kimmelman – Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana, People’ Choice Entry
      Kimmelman is an award-winning filmmaker who has received Emmy awards for his film The Heart Knows Better and his contributions to “Sesame Street.”  He has produced films for the United Nations against prejudice and apartheid and has received numerous awards for his public service and children’s films.  He has taught film and animation at New York University and the School of Visual Arts, presented papers on the lives and work of filmmakers and published articles in journals and newspapers world-wide.  This film is based on Eli Siegel’s 1925 Nation prize-winning poem.  Ken is currently developing a documentary about Anna Ella Carroll, a Civil War heroine, and an animated TV series “Pig William.”
      Paul Lee – The Offering
      Peoples’ Choice Entry
      Born in Hong Kong in 1963 and moving to Toronto with his family in 1976, Paul earned a B.S. in biology and an M.A. in anthropology from the University of Toronto and an M.B.A. and M.F.A. from York University.  Since 1991 he has organized film festivals in Canada, USA, Japan and Thailand and produced films for first-time filmmakers and international co-productions.  His first film Thick Lips Thin Lips screened at over 100 film festivals and won eight awards.  His second film These Shoes Weren’t Made for Walking premiered at the Sydney Film Festival, was screened at over 50 festivals and won six awards.  The Offering is his third film.
      Blackhorse Lowe – 5th World
      Featured Drama
      Born and raised on a Navaho reservation in New Mexico, Blackhorse began watching movies at a young age.  It wasn’t long before he began making his own movies with the help of his family.  Family loyalty and honor are the motifs that resonate in his work.  His short film Shush received multiple awards and screened at Sundance.  5th World, his first feature film, received Best First Feature at Cine Las Americas festival.
      Shannon N. Mathesis – Habits and Vices
      People’s Choice Entry
      Shannon grew up with an interest in horror films.  Her first film Help Wanted screened at the 2004 Route 66 Festival.   An employee of Family Video in Springfield, she finds an eager cast and crew among her coworkers. 
      Chris Metzler & Jeff Springer – Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea, Featured Documentary
      After graduating from USC, Chris’ film career has gone from the depths of agency work to coordinating post-production for awful American movies seen late at night in Belgium.  He has directed and produced Christian and country music videos, finally succumbing to commercial rock n’ roll culminating in a Billboard Magazine Music Video Award.  Chris is now pursuing docs featuring gay truck drivers and Australian opal miners.
      A fellow USC graduate and frequent collaborator with Chris, Jeff was born in California and raised in Hawaii.  After living for a winter in Russia, he returned to Los Angeles to direct music videos and shorts and to edit for UPN, Fox, Geffen Records and Lucasfilm.  Plagues and Pleasures is their first feature documentary, which has won the Robert Altman Award and the BAVC Videomaker Award.
      John Mossman – Spaceman Dan’s 243rd Flight
      People’s Choice Entry
      A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, John has written, produced and directed several award-winning short films and videos.  Among them are “Best Director” at the Chicago Community Cinema and Audience Favorite at Palm Springs International Short Film Festival for Jell-Ohh Lady.  He has also served as director for the Discovery Channel series The Internet Coach and has performed at numerous theaters.  John is an acting instructor at The Artistic Home and teaches film at Chicago Filmmakers and Columbia College.
      Jody Lee Olhava – Mamochka: A Russian Folktale Retold, Featured Drama
      Jody has enjoyed a 30-year career in theater, television and film including a recurring role in the soap opera Santa Barbara, numerous pilots and an outstanding supporting actress award for the Arizona Arts Commis-sion.  For 20 years she has worked as a volunteer on-camera acting coach for SAG Conservatory.  Mamochka marks her directorial debut; she credits Women in Film for training her through the PSA program.  Her cast and crew of 60 included 32 women, 13 children and 8 persons with disabilities.
      Julia Radochia – Eddie’s Winning Date and
      Like His Father, People’s Choice Entries
      Julia’s film Sally’s Dream House won Audience Favorite at the 2004 Route 66 Film Festival.  This year two more of her projects for Los Angeles City College are premiering.  Another of her films Jimmy’s House of Hugs recently screened at the Plymouth Independent Film Festival.  A native of Boston, Julia lives and works in Los Angeles and invites you to visit her website http://homepage.mac.com/joycehepburnsdaugh
      Nick Ravich – Bosa Nova Scotia
      Featured Short
      A Philadelphia-based independent filmmaker and televi-sion production professional, Nick has worked on a variety of cultural and arts documentaries for the past 8 years including projects for PBS stations WGBH (Boston) and WHHY (Philadelphia).  He has also pro-duced a number of short independent films and public service announcements for non-profit organizations. 
      Giovanni Sanseviero – The Empty Building
      Best Drama
      The Empty Building is Giovanni’s directorial debut.  Prior to this three-year endeavor, he pursued acting:  first in New York with the Gene Frankel Theatre, followed by private coaching with Mark Marno in Los Angeles.  Also in L.A., he became a member of Theatre West.  He has participated in a few film and stage productions.  The setting for the film, an empty building in New York City, was condemned shortly after the end of the shoot, demolished and reduced to a parking lot.
      Lisa Seidenberg - Pledge of Allegiance Blues
      Featured Documentary
      Lisa was one of the first camerawomen in network TV news, finding herself on presidential campaigns, going to war zones and later, as a freelance director of photography, filming around the globe in Russia, Asia, North Africa, etc. Earlier films include Being Human where she followed naked activists in the U.K. and Mongolia on the Edge of Time about democracy and rock and roll in remote (outer) Mongolia.  Pledge of Allegiance Blues, her first feature, was Lisa's first real journey “discover-ing" America. The story begins with the controversial case of atheist Michael Newdow to remove the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, but the filmmaker soon finds herself on a quest of her own.
      Aaron Sheehan – Third Eye
      People’s Choice Entry
      Born and raised in central Illinois, Aaron spent two years living in Sicily in the US Navy.  Upon returning to Illi-nois he worked as a graphic designer and pre-press tech-nician.  In 2002 he went back to school full-time earning his BA at Northern Illinois University.  He has always been fascinated by horror movies such as his favorites: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Dark City, and Hellraiser.
      R. Emmett Sibley – A Jersey Yellow
      People’s Choice Entry
      R. Emmett, born in New York and raised in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, is a true product of the tri–state area.  He became interested in making films during a high school screenwriting class. When he started making short films at Villanova University, his true talents began to shine.  After a chance viewing, a teacher urged R. Emmett to get his master’s in film. Three years later, he now has his MFA in film production from Chapman University. He resides in Southern California where he continues to make short films and write feature-length screenplays.  
      Mark K. Sullivan -  Cleveland in My Dreams
      Best Comedy
      Mark Sullivan grew up Southeast Kansas.  Always fascinated by the film medium, he made short stop-motion animations as a child, using a Bolex regular-8 camera.  In high school, he built a home computer.  In college, Sullivan and best friend Jeff Olsen applied the computer to controlling an animation stand for a 16 mm camera.  As an adult, Mark designed electronic equip-ment for industrial automation applications but never lost his desire to make movies.  His experience with electronics and industrial automation has served him well in constructing low-budget special equipment for the production. Cleveland  is his first serious effort, and he hopes to apply the experience gained from its production to a future feature-length project.
      Rogier van Eck & Rob Rombout – Amsterdam via Amsterdam, Best Foreign Film
      Rogier was born in Paris and studied at the Superior National Institute of Performing Arts, Brussels and Lausanne University, Switzerland.  He has worked primarily as a film editor and lecturer at INSAS, Brussels’ film school.  He has directed several com-missioned documentaries and has been guest lecturer in Zimbabwe, Thailand and Cuba.
      Born in Amsterdam, Rob graduated from R.I.T.C.S. Film School in Brussels.  He has taught the documentary genre in Brussels, Strasbourg and Paris since 1988.  He has presented workshops and lectures around the world for the past 10 years and has made many documentaries including prize-winning The Trap of Kerguelen and Between Two Towers.
      Vince Williams, Director; Tamara Kihs, Producer - The Malt Shop in the Sky, People’s Choice Entry
      Director Vince Williams received his bachelor's degree in Cinema from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and his master's degree in Film Production from Chap-man University in May 2005.  Having written and direct-ed many projects in both undergraduate and graduate school, Vince has a passion for telling true-life stories. Vince's master’s thesis project The Malt Shop in the Sky was nominated for Best Documentary at the 2005 Cecil B. Demille Awards. He has also been the Director of Photography for over ten short films and has edited the majority of his films along with several others.
      Producer Tamara Kihs is a graduate Film Production student at Chapman University.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Media Communi-cations from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.  She produced her senior project, Between the Lines, which received rave reviews at the Fox Film Festival in 2002 and was nominated for best picture.  She is now a veteran producer of six graduate films.
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