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Microcell Corporation

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  • RemyC
    From: http://www.microcellcorp.com Microcell Corporation has developed the world s most revolutionary fuel cell. Based on its patented extrusion-based
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2005

      Microcell Corporation has developed the world's most revolutionary fuel
      cell. Based on its patented extrusion-based microfiber design, the Microcell
      fuel cell has major advantages in the areas of size, cost, and power
      density. Targeted for electric vehicles, distributed generation, and
      portable electronics, Microcell's fuel cell provides an environmentally
      friendly and versatile energy source. Take a few moments to browse our site
      and find out more about Microcell and its technology. We welcome your
      comments and inquiries through our email links.

      Microcell is a privately-owned, for profit "c" corporation incorporated in
      2000. The company was initially funded by Advanced Energy Corporation. After
      securing additional financing from Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco)
      and receiving a grant from the NIST - Advanced Technology Program in late
      2001, Microcell Corporation began hiring research staff and moved into its
      modern 12,000 square foot facility located in the Research Triangle area of
      North Carolina.

      While capable of producing the world's smallest fuel cell, Microcell's focus
      is currently on the production of fuel cells for distributed generation and
      automotive applications. The company plans to introduce its first fuel cell
      cores designed for 1 kW units for testing in early 2005.

      Contact Info
      Microcell Corporation
      P.O. Box 33307
      Raleigh, NC 27636-3307
      info@ microcellcorp.com

      Ray R. Eshraghi, President and CEO, Microcell Corporation

      Microcells are microfiber based wholly extruded PEM fuel cells with a
      symmetric fibrous geometry ranging in size from a few hundred microns to a
      few millimeters in diameter. Microcells are scalable electrochemical cells
      capable of producing electrical power in a range from a hundredth of a watt
      to multi-kilowatt assemblies operating on hydrogen or methanol. Microcell
      Corporation the world leader in microfiber based PEM fuel cells has
      developed this technology intended for applications ranging from electric
      vehicles, distributed generation, portable electronics to micro-electronics.
      Microcell technology features a low cost, mass produced, extrusion-based
      fabrication process along with compact, easily serviceable and replaceable
      fuel cell cores.

      Microcell-EV is a product under development for production of 25-200 kW fuel
      cells aimed at electric vehicle applications. Testing of fuel cell cores for
      Microcell-EV beta units is planned for 2006. Microcell-EV fuel cells are
      projected to offer many features including:

      Low cost, extrusion-based mass produced cells with low platinum catalyst
      Easily removable fuel cell cores for maintenance, service, repair, and
      Compact high power density units
      Operation on dry gas feed - Reduced ancillary equipment
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