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Clooney's Tango :: made in Warwickshire

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  • anbausa
    From: http://iccoventry.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/0100localnews/tm_objectid=1 5097482%26method=full%26siteid=50003-name_page.html Clooney s car is the star! By
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2005

      Clooney's car is the star!
      By Emma Race

      Jan 20 2005

      Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney has splashed out £45,000 on an
      electric car branded "made in Warwickshire".

      The tiny Tango, which is guaranteed to turn heads on the streets of
      Los Angeles, is being built by staff at Prodrive, which is based near

      The millionaire Batman movie star, who has a collection of classic
      motorbikes, was so impressed when he heard about the new eco-friendly
      car that he's having it shipped to his home in LA.

      Prodrive, which is based in Oldwich Lane East, Fen End, is an
      automotive technology specialist, which works on the design and
      construction of limited edition vehicles.

      The car the former ER star has ordered is a prototype of a futuristic
      electric car, which the American designers hope will eventually be
      available to the mass market.

      The car is distinctive not only for the way it operates - its
      electric battery needs to be regularly recharged - but also because
      of its shape and size.

      Ben Sayer, spokesman for Prodrive, said: "The electric car is a two-
      seater and very narrow. It's only a metre wide - half the width of an
      average car.

      "It was designed with the Californian market in mind as it's very
      environmentally friendly and ideal for moving easily through traffic."

      And the car's ability to avoid traffic queues by nip-ping between
      other cars - just like a motorcycle - is perhaps what attracted
      George's interest. He is known to be a fan of Harley Davidson

      But the car's makers think George also wanted to be one of the first
      to own a Tango because of the car's green credentials.

      Mr Sayer added: "George Clooney is known to be interested in green
      issues and electric cars because they are environmentally friendly."

      Staff at Kenilworth, who have just completed the chassis, have been
      told whose car they are making.

      Mr Sayer said: "We're approaching the project in the same way as we
      would any other, although it is unusual to be working for someone
      with such a high profile."

      The car will be sent off to the USA in two weeks time and staff are
      currently working on installing its electrics, steering wheel and

      George is expected to use the car for a year in a deal negotiated by
      The Commuter Car Corporation and Prodrive is already lined up to make
      him a replacement next year.
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