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SK develops material for batteries (Korea)

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  • RemyC
    SK develops material for batteries (Korea) SK Corp., the nation s largest oil refiner, said yesterday that it has developed a core material used for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2005
      SK develops material for batteries (Korea)
      SK Corp., the nation's largest oil refiner, said yesterday that it has
      developed a core material used for lithium-ion batteries called the
      "separator" to begin mass production by the end of 2005. The company has
      filed patent applications for the technology both in Korea and abroad.


      The Korea Herald 30/12/2004

      La más importante refinería de petróleo de Corea desarrolla unas baterías
      SK Corp., la refinería más grande de Corea, informó ayer que han
      desarrollado un material usado para las baterías de litio-ion llamado
      "separator." Hasta ahora, solamente dos compañías japonesas - Asahi y
      Tonen - han desarrollado esta tecnología de la citada fuente. SK Corp. ha
      obtenido este éxito utilizando la más novedosas innovaciones químicas y las
      investigaciones en nanotecnología acumuladas en el pasado.

      SK Group, one of South Korea's top five "chaebol" (industrial
      conglomerates), covers a broad spectrum of businesses through its
      affiliates. The company has about 60 affiliated companies, with operations
      ranging from energy, telecommunications, finance, and construction. Its
      energy and chemical arm, SK Corp., is Korea's largest petroleum refiner.
      Like other "chaebol" under government orders to reorganize in the wake of
      the Korean financial collapse of the late-1990s, SK Group is paring down its
      affiliates. The slimmer SK Group will focus on two core businesses:
      information and telecommunications (through SK Telecom), and energy and
      chemicals (through SK Corp.).

      99 Seorin-dong, Jongro-gu
      Seoul 110-110, South Korea
      Phone: +82-2-2121-5421
      Fax: +82-2-2121-7009

      Chairman and CEO - Son Kil-Seung
      Chairman, SKC - Choi Shinwon
      Chairman, SK Corp. - Chey (Anthony) Tae Won

      Top Competitors
      Daewoo International Corporation
      LG-Caltex Oil Corporation
      Samsung Corporation
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