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Green Is King At Duracell

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    From: http://www.commutersregister.com/ct/articles/9808/mplocal.htm Green Is King At Duracell (from 1998) Some companies go green whenever Earth Day rolls
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2005

      Green Is King At Duracell
      (from 1998)

      Some companies go "green" whenever Earth Day rolls around. At Duracell,
      though, every single day is like Earth Day. The company cultivates a
      corporate culture that makes green king throughout the year for its
      employees. Duracell has "Green Teams" worldwide which address environmental
      issues in their own communities.

      No one knows Duracell's commitment to the environment better than Sandra
      Decker, the company's full time Corporate MIS Project Manager. Decker chairs
      Duracell's "Green Team" at its Bethel, Connecticut site. The team of 12
      Duracell employees serves as a standing committee to coordinate an ambitious
      list of environmentally oriented activities which keep a constant focus on
      environmental protection. "We run promotions on a regular basis to keep the
      momentum going," said Decker.

      Commuters comprise one of the Green Team's primary target audiences.
      Duracell's desire to encourage employee use of non-polluting commute modes
      is evident. The company strongly supports carpooling among its 525
      Bethel-based employees.

      Duracell even makes a company car available for carpoolers who left their
      own vehicle in the driveway, but need to get home suddenly in the event of
      an emergency or after unexpected overtime. The "guaranteed ride home"
      program offers carpoolers a sense of security.

      Decker's team launched a special promotion on Earth Day this year which
      continued for more than two months until June 25th. The effort netted
      approximately 150 commuters through a series of weekly drawings. Everyone
      who used a non-drive-alone commute mode that week was eligible to receive a
      certificate for $10 worth of gas. Free coffee and muffins for poolers each
      morning helped Duracell keep track of participating commuters.

      A highlight of the promotion came on June 5th - United Nations Worldwide
      Environment Day - with drawings for a number of car washes, five oil
      changes, and a $250 certificate for a set of new tires! All participants
      received a special coffee mug commemorating the event. In fact, all Duracell
      Green Teams at the company's sites around the world participated in the
      special U.N.-sponsored day.

      The Green Team also made sure plenty of MetroPool's ridematching forms were
      available for employees during the promotion. Anyone who filled out a form
      received a profile of other commuters in his or her area from MetroPool
      representative Robert Mancini at the event's official finale on June 25th.

      Duracell's commitment to the environment goes beyond the daily commute, of
      course. This year's Earth Day activities included a trail walk and lunch in
      a wooded picnic area near the Duracell office. The company also supports two
      local organizations dedicated to improving both the environment and the
      lives of area children.

      "Duracell has been wonderful," said Jean Parks, Public Programs Coordinator
      at Green Chimneys, a non-profit based in Brewster, New York. Duracell hires
      Green Chimneys' "Farm on the Moove" as one of the events in its annual
      Mentor Day for children from area schools. The Farm on the Moove brings kids
      and animals together for some quality time on the company's grounds. This
      year's Farm was held at Duracell on June 5th - U.N. Worldwide Environment
      Day. "It was an absolutely wonderful day for the children," said Parks. "The
      kids just light up when they touch an animal."

      Duracell also provides major financial support for and hands-on involvement
      in Datahr, a Brookfield, Connecticut non-profit. Formed in 1953, Datahr
      provides comprehensive home health and rehabilitation services to persons
      with disabilities, illness, or injuries. "Duracell has been a very long term
      supporter," said Mary Doidge, Datahr's Executive Vice President/COO. "They
      work with us to create job opportunities for the folks we serve, and Ed
      DeGraan, president of Duracell North America Group, is a member of our board
      of directors."

      "It's impressive," MetroPool's Robert Mancini noted. "Duracell doesn't do
      any of this because of any government mandates. Duracell is a very
      environmentally conscious company throughout the world."

      For more details about Duracell's green initiatives:

      Amy Gaal
      Amy_Gaal@ gillette.com

      Duracell - Green Teams
      8 Research Drive
      Berkshire, Corporate Park
      Bethel, CT 06801
      (203) 796-4000 Fax: (203) 791-3039
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