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Newman's Own & Ford Motors

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    From: http://www.newmansown.com/99_contentshow.asp?ID=86&CatIDs=2 AMERICA S SECOND HARVEST, NEWMAN S OWN, FORD DEARBORN, Mich., June 20, 2004 - America s
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      DEARBORN, Mich., June 20, 2004 - America's Second Harvest, Newman's Own and
      Ford Motor Company have announced a partnership to improve food distribution
      in rural areas throughout the United States. The partnership began with the
      donation of 14 Ford trucks - six from Newman's Own, eight from Ford - to
      America's Second Harvest food banks in rural communities across the country.

      The trucks were launched from Ford Motor Company's World Headquarters and
      will begin delivering food today. Paul Newman, founder of Newman's Own,
      Robert Forney, president of America's Second Harvest National Board of
      Directors, and Bill Ford, chairman of Ford Motor Company, participated in
      the launch ceremony.

      Newman said of the alliance, "It is the beginning of a compelling and
      rewarding partnership." Food distribution is a major challenge in rural
      hunger relief efforts. Some food banks serve areas as large as 5,000 square
      miles and most do not have reliable vehicles that can reach remote rural

      "Ford Motor Company is proud to be associated with such outstanding
      partners, and such a worthy program," said Bill Ford. "Ford does a lot of
      work to address hunger and other concerns in urban areas. This partnership
      will help us reach out to another part of the community that needs our

      According to Robert Forney, President and CEO, America's Second Harvest, the
      partnership is innovative and raises awareness to a real concern in rural
      America. Forney said, "It is a shame that one in 10 households in our rural
      areas doesn't have enough to eat.

      We are pleased that Newman's Own and Ford Motor Company have joined with our
      many volunteers, faith-based groups, food banks, and food rescue affiliates
      to deliver fresh food to hungry people across rural America." In many rural
      communities in America, poverty and hunger rates are rising.

      The poverty rate is 23 percent higher than in urban communities and in some
      areas, it's nearly three times the national average. Some farmers in the
      U.S. have lived below the poverty line for more than 40 years. America's
      Second Harvest is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the
      United States, feeding people in rural, urban and suburban communities.

      Newman's Own is an all-natural line of food products created by Paul Newman.
      All after-tax profits from the sale of these products are donated to
      educational and charitable causes.

      The distribution cities are: · Good Shepherd Food Bank - Lewiston, Maine ·
      West Texas Food Bank - Odessa, Texas · Laredo Webb Food Bank - Laredo, Texas
      · New Hampshire Food Bank - Manchester, N.H. · Black Hills Regional Food
      Bank - Rapid City, S.D. · Wichita Falls Area Food Bank - Wichita Falls,
      Texas · Vermont Food Bank - South Barre, Vt. · Montana Food Bank Network -
      Missoula, Mont. · Second Harvest Roadrunner Food Bank - Albuquerque, N.M. ·
      Second Harvest Food Bank of South Dakota - Sioux Falls, S.D. · Food Bank of
      the Rio Grande Valley - McAllen, Texas · Missoula Food Bank, Inc. -
      Missoula, Mont. · The Connecticut Food Bank in New Haven - New Haven, Conn.

      For more information on the partners visit these Web sites
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