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International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference

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  • RemyC
    From: http://www.iecec.org The 2nd International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC) will be held 16-19 August, 2004 at the Rhode Island
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2004

      The 2nd International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC) will
      be held 16-19 August, 2004 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in
      Providence, RI.

      The IECEC provides a forum to present and discuss engineering aspects of
      energy conversion technology, advanced energy and power systems, and devices
      for energy systems and aerospace applications. Papers on all engineering
      aspects and disciplines of power generation and storage are welcome and

      The IECEC builds on 37 years of heritage from the Intersociety Energy
      Conversion Engineering Conference. Last year, the IECEC was completely
      restructured, and was renamed the "International" Energy Conversion
      Engineering Conference (replacing "Intersociety"), to reflect the
      increasingly global nature of energy conversion technology and applications.

      For additional information, please call 800/639-2422 or 703/264-7500
      (outside the U.S.).

      Inquiries concerning the program, format, or policies of the conference and
      suggestions for special high-interest informational presentations should be
      directed to the Conference General Chair:

      Douglas M. Allen
      Schafer Corporation
      11588 Sweet Potato Ridge Rd
      Brookville, OH 45309
      dallen@ schaferdayton.com

      Inquiries relating to the technical program should be directed to the
      Conference Technical Program Chair:
      Dr. Ashwani K. Gupta
      University of Maryland
      Department of Mechanical Engineering
      College Park, MD 20742
      akgupta@ eng.umd.edu

      Department of Defense Approval
      On reviewing the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
      proposal, the Department of Defense finds this event meets the minimum
      regulatory standards for attendance by DoD employees. This finding does not
      constitute blanket approval or endorsement for attendance. Individual DoD
      component commands or organizations are responsible for approving attendance
      of its DoD employees based on mission requirements and DoD regulations.

      The exhibits will be held 17-18 August 2004.
      Exhibit hours are:
      Tuesday, 17 August 1000-1600 hrs
      Wednesday, 18 August 1000-1600 hrs

      For more information about exhibiting, contact Howard O'Brien Jr. at
      800/739-4424 or 703/264-7535.

      The IECEC is sponsored by "Sponsoring Societies" and "Participating
      Organizations," under the guidelines of the conference Charter and Bylaws.
      The Sponsoring Societies are the primary sponsors and have a voting
      membership on the conference Steering Committee. The Participating
      Organizations help organize and advertise the conference and their members
      receive the member registration rates at the conference. Participating
      Organizations have a non-voting membership on the conference Steering

      Currently, there is one IECEC Sponsoring Society, the American Institute of
      Aeronautics and Astronautics.

      The AIAA, and its predecessors, has been the principal professional society
      of the aerospace engineer and scientist for more than 70 years. Two AIAA
      technical committees lead the IECEC sponsorship, the Aerospace Power Systems
      Technical Committee and the Terrestrial Energy Systems Technical Committee.
      Both of these technical committees meet during the IECEC and they also
      present awards annually at the IECEC awards luncheon.

      There are currently three IECEC Participating Organizations. They are the
      Interagency Advanced Power Group (IAPG), the Advanced Energy Conversion
      Group of the Heat Transfer Society of Japan (HTSJ), and the IEEE Aerospace &
      Electric Systems Society (AESS).

      Established in 1958, the IAPG is a federal membership organization that
      facilitates the exchange and transfer of information to increase
      effectiveness of the interagency power program and to avoid duplicating
      research efforts in fields of advanced power. IAPG is currently jointly
      sponsored by these United States federal agencies:
      - Air Force
      - Army
      - Department of Energy (DOE)
      - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
      - Navy

      The IAPG involves customers for advanced energy conversion research and
      development in the IECEC, and they assist with organization of the
      conference and specifically the Plenary sessions.

      The HTSJ is a unique nonprofit association in Japan. It is composed of
      people engaged in Advanced Energy Conversion, and various engineering
      aspects related to energy and heat transfer. The Society now holds some
      1,500 members, widely covering scientists and engineers in various
      disciplines. The HTSJ has served, and continues to serve, as an organization
      representing Japan in the international heat transfer community. The
      Advanced Energy Conversion group of the HTSJ is the lead organization for
      HTSJ's participation in IECEC.

      The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a scientific
      and educational organization, directed toward the advancement of the theory
      and practice of electrical engineering, electronics, radio, and the allied
      branches of engineering and the related arts and sciences. Technical
      activities within the IEEE are conducted through its Societies operating in
      distinct technical areas. Members of the Aerospace & Electronic Systems
      Society (AESS) of the IEEE are interested in the design, integration, test,
      and analysis of large, complex systems consisting of major subsystems that
      contain dissimilar electronic devices.
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