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LA Auto Show :: Tai Update

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  • RemyC
    From: Tai Robinson LA Auto Show :: Update Thursday, January 08, 2004 The Kiwami is now not going to be here according to Honda. The Lexus
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2004
      From: "Tai Robinson" <airtai@ mac.com>

      LA Auto Show :: Update
      Thursday, January 08, 2004

      The Kiwami is now not going to be here according to Honda.

      The Lexus is really named the RX 400h and should be the best debut vehicle
      of the show.

      Tango is the most interesting EV.

      Prius is the most loved and popular.

      Honda FCX is the best EV of the show according to me for emmisions and real
      world usage. Honda has the best green presence with four wonderful vehicles,
      FCX, GX, Civic Hybrid and insight.

      Second in number of green cars is Intergalactic Hydrogen with three hydrogen
      powered vehicles, the H2TOY, the hydrogen capable GreenHummer and the
      concept vehicle HydrogenHummer.

      GM has the most pathetic hybrid with the truck that is basically only good
      for plugging in a blow dryer in the back seat and maybe a microwave in the
      bed. Who needs the Hy-wire? Could have put hundredes of H2 ICE vehicles on
      the road for the cost of this lame duck.

      (Please edit this response or I will get my self in trouble)

      [[ Too late... Remy C. ET webed :) ]]

      Ford is a no show on the green vehicle front, the Escape Hybrid is now
      being billed as a 2005 concept vehicle, quite different from what used to
      be the 2003 production vehicle. Why don't they start with something small
      and reasonable that the 95% can not overload and over tow with. A small
      sedan would seem to make sense. No?

      Mazda was the biggest let down for not bringing their hydrogen/gasoline
      bi-fuel RX8.

      Porsche has the overall best vehicle of the show with their Carrera GT, as
      compared to the Ford GT which sounds like it is going to blow the engine
      when revved hard.

      Lotus has the most desired car that you can not have quite yet with the

      Braubus has the most impressive video presentation showing their work shop
      that any car guy would love to have their car built in.

      You'll see lots of photos on the Electrifying Times website by afternoon's


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