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Suzuki Mobile Terrace

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    From: http://www.edmunds.com/news/autoshows/articles/100643/page020.html Posted 10-16-2003 Suzuki Mobile Terrace Concept What s Special About It? The Mobile
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      Posted 10-16-2003

      Suzuki Mobile Terrace Concept

      What's Special About It?

      The Mobile Terrace utilizes General Motor's Hy-Wire platform. The Hy-Wire
      platform is intended to allow maximum flexibility and interchangeability
      while at the same time using fuel-cell technology to power the vehicle. The
      Hy-Wire platform uses plenty of unique packaging as well as steer and
      brake-by-wire setups to maximize interior space. The fuel cell and motor are
      placed under the floor thereby making the Mobile Terrace a six-passenger
      vehicle using three rows of seats. If you had any doubt that increased
      versatility is as much a theme in this year's Tokyo show as hybrid
      technology, you needn't look any further than the Mobile Terrace's
      instrument panel that can change into a table. There's also a 22-inch
      touchscreen monitor for vehicle information as well as sliding side doors
      for easier access to the interior.

      Of course, the fuel cell is all well and good, but really this car is about
      style. With its large glass panels and soft round shape, the Mobile Terrace
      stands out - it looks like something Malibu Barbie might be driving in about
      20 years. While it might not win any beauty contests, you've got to admire
      those huge whitewall tires and abundant use of Avocado Green. I'm sensing a
      post-modern VW 21-window bus. Sorry, VW, 2007 is too long to wait for your

      Why Should You Care?

      The future of fuel-cell technology still seems unclear, but here is a
      fuel-cell-powered concept that is noteworthy because of its styling and ease
      of entry. Maybe my wife was right after all when she said, "No one cares how
      their car gets from home to work, they just want it to look cool and carry
      all their stuff with ease." - Brian Moody

      More concept cars from the
      37th Tokyo Motor Show
      held last Oct 24-Nov 5, 2003:
      http://www.carnuttv.com/concept_cars.htm (video)
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