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Bruce Meland comments on Tilley Delorean

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  • Remy C
    From: bruce meland etimes@ teleport.com Friday, August 30, 2002 Tilley Electric Vehicle demonstration BREAKING NEWS Bobbie Allison will attempt to set a
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      From: "bruce meland" etimes@ teleport.com

      Friday, August 30, 2002

      Tilley Electric Vehicle demonstration


      Bobbie Allison will attempt to set a world distance record for electric
      vehicles at the Nashville Superspeedway on Saturday Sept 7th starting at 8
      am. Bobbie will be driving Carls electric DeLorean (converted recently) at
      speed up to 120 mph.

      I called and talked to Carl Tilley the inventor of the TEV(Tilley Electric
      Vehicle) and principal of the Tilley Foundation and asked him whether it
      was Tesla technology that was powering
      the electric DeLorean and he said Tesla was his idol.

      Naturally he would not go into detail. Carl indicated he has been perfecting
      the technology for 18 years and finally broke the code this year and made a
      crash program to convert a DeLorean to electric power do demonstrate this
      revolutionary technology.

      He is using an Advanced dc motor, a DPC Controller - a local friend Damon
      Crockett is the producer of the DPC controller
      http://www.dcpowersystems.com - and he is using Wal-Mart Batteries.

      The Tesla Black Box will keep the batteries charged at all times. In other
      words it will supply all the energy when needed. Their electric converted
      DeLorean model will weigh only 2 1/2 lbs over the origional curb weight or
      about 3,000 lbs.

      It has done 102 mph in the quarter mile and should go continuously around
      the Nashville Super Speedway any where from 80 to 130 mph for and
      unspecified distance, baring any parts failure.

      I know this sounds impossible with present knowledge of power systems and
      basic laws of
      conservation of energy. He is apparently is drawing energy from the Zero
      Point to the black box, what ever that is. ie energy particles in a the
      vacuum of space. Tesla used similar technology to Power his electric
      Pierce-Arrow in 1931.

      We did an extensive story in our recent print edition of Electrifying Times
      Vol 8 No 3 on this technology.

      They just took the electric DeLorean on to the superspeedway yesterday and
      both Carl and Bobbie Allison drove the car and according to Bobby Allison it
      handeled fine with plenty of power. Carl said: "it was scary on the steep
      banked turns which one needs to go at least 80 mph to keep from tumbling to
      the inner rail".

      All the major motor car zines will be there and Electrifying Times will have
      a representative covering this potentially ground-breaking demonstration,
      which if allowed to proceed to production could free us from fossil fuels
      and hopefully save the planet.

      Carl indicated he has been flooded with calls from DeLorean owners for him
      to convert their DeLoreans to electric power.

      He is getting around 1500 emails a day.
      cktilley@... cktilley@ bellsouth.net

      They have invited all the major car mfgs and the demonstration is free and
      open to the public.

      All the press will get box seats on the main straight away.

      Stay tuned to www.electrifyingtimes.com for the latest information and of
      course their website that has all the history in the making information, as
      well as up to date stories and directions on how to get to the Nashville
      Superspeedway on the 7th of Sept.


      Bruce Meland editor and publisher Electrifying Times
      etimes@... etimes@ teleport.com
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