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Re: [ESLGroup] Re: Hello arun!!

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  • natalia wendy
    ... wrote: --- In ... increase my ... in ... and writing fluently?? ... clearly what is your needs... U share
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 20, 2006
      tiger_arunpk <tiger_arunpk@...> wrote:
      --- In ESLGroup@yahoogroup s.com, natalia wendy <ntl_wdy90@. ..> wrote:
      > tiger_arunpk <tiger_arunpk@ ...>
      wrote: --- In
      ESLGroup@yahoogroup s.com, "ntl_wdy90" <ntl_wdy90@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello, my name is Natalia. I come
      from Indonesia..I want
      increase my
      > > English skill. Because of that, I find many penfriends!! ^_^
      > >
      > hi, natalia i am arun from india, what type of skills do u want
      > english, u can mail me, so ican help u and have a good friend.
      > tiger_arunpk@ ...
      > I want increase my vocabulary and writing. I hope, I can speak
      and writing fluently??
      > hai natalia, how can i increase ur english knowledge? pls say
      clearly what is your needs...

      U share with me about your experience??  Good idea or not??
      I think if we often send mail, I can increase my english knowledge..Where do you live and what's your hobby?? Do you know about Indonesia??
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