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Strauss-Kahn rape accuser Diallo acted as a fake 9/11 victim

Nafissatou Diallo, the woman accusing former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique
Ozzy bin Oswald
Jul 26, 2011

WTC "Victim" Franklin Allan Pershep is Gerry Mendicino, actor

WTC "Victim" Franklin Allan Pershep is Gerry Mendicino, actor [http://gallery.morpheussoftware.net/anim/OggBAA.gif]
Ozzy bin Oswald
Nov 11, 2009

Will My Prediction Prove True?

Will my prediction published over 2 years ago comes true Tuesday? That, despite the numbers, McCain wins? This based on my private interpretation of his being
Ozzy bin Oswald
Nov 4, 2008

Vancouver Airport Taser Killing of Robert Dziekanski by Police

http://images.ctv.ca/archives/CTVNews/img2/20071017/160_bc_taser_victim_071017.jpg Dziekanski Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHKk5qQRzL4 Taser video
Ozzy bin Oswald
Nov 14, 2007

Inside the Sleep Room

Inside the Sleep Roomby Gordon Thomas [0] UNWITTING SUBJECT REGAINS CONTROL: Anne White believes that the best defense against unethical psychiatric
Ozzy bin Oswald
Nov 1, 2006

DNA And RFID Partnership

DNA And RFID Partnership: Advanced ID Corporation And Manakoa Security Inc. Announce A Joint Marketing And Technology Integration Agreement On DNA And RFID
Ozzy bin Oswald
Oct 10, 2006

JTF-CS goes ‘Wireless for the Warfighter’

JTF-CS goes `Wireless for the Warfighter' BY CAPT. TRACY BUNKO JTF-CS PUBLIC AFFAIRS When responding to an emergency, minutes, even seconds, count … and time
Ozzy bin Oswald
Sep 27, 2006

Air Force Chief Wynne:Test Weapons on Testy U.S. Rebels

vert.usaf.weapons.gi.jpg Secretary Michael Wynne says nonlethal weapons should be tested on U.S. civilians before being used on the battlefield. Air Force
Ozzy bin Oswald
Sep 14, 2006

International Joint Systems Integration Intel Collection

Joint Systems Baseline Assessment 2006 prepares for operational stage Joint Systems Integration Command is preparing for the operational assessment of the
Ozzy bin Oswald
Sep 5, 2006

Pirate to Parrot: Voice Caught Prompting Bush Rehashed

[IMAGE] Alice Donut - Egg http://www.bolt.com/ozzybinoswald/audio/2083675?cn=STREAM_ozzybinoswald_audio_large_PAGE1 [IMAGE] "And I look working ... I look
Ozzy bin Oswald
Aug 29, 2006

Extended Performance War Fighter - repost

Ready for war in 2005: the soldier who never sleeps (Filed: 05/01/2003)\
Ozzy bin Oswald
Jul 17, 2006

Satellite-Linked Mobile Command & Control

[MBCOTM wheeled version of the FCS C2 vehicle] Comm catches up with units in the field Satellite technology lets commanders communicate on the move By Peter A.
Ozzy bin Oswald
Jun 13, 2006

High-tech appliances become silent watchdogs on Americans

Jetsons technology at expense of privacy? High-tech appliances could become silent watchdogs on Americans By Joe
Ozzy bin Oswald
May 2, 2006

Optical Camouflage

Ozzy bin Oswald
Apr 20, 2006

Essential InfoWarfare Documents

Essential Documents Documents [IMAGE] DOD Information Operations Roadmap [2.4MB], 30. October 2003, posted January 2006 (courtesy of the National Security
Ozzy bin Oswald
Mar 15, 2006
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