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  • albert jubilo
    1. Which of the following household materials is considered hazardous waste? a.  plastic packaging            b. glass            
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2008

      1. Which of the following household materials is considered hazardous waste?

      a.  plastic packaging            b. glass                         c. batteries                    d. spoiled food


      2.  How many years does it take for an aluminum can to decompose?

            a. 20 years or less               b. 20 to 50 years          c. 50 to 80 years     d. 80 to 100 years


      3. How many years does it take glass to decompose?

      a.  100 years or less                                                c. 500 to 1000 years      

      b. 100 to 500 years                                                d. Over 1 million years


      4. Every ton of paper recycled conserves how many trees?

      a.       5 trees                          b. 12 trees                    c. 17 trees                    d. 22 trees


      5. What day is Earth Day celebrated?

      a.       March 25                     b. April 22                    c. August 20                 d. November 15


      6. The number one cause of tropical deforestation worldwide is

      a.       Commercial logging                                          c. Clearing of lands for agricultural use

      b.      Wildfire                                                            d. Gathering of firewood


       7. Which country is the ‘greenest’?

      a.       Switzerland                   b. Germany                  c. Japan                        d. Spain


      8. What are greenhouse gases?

      a.       Other words for inert gases                               c. Vapors rising off greenhouses

      b.      Fuel used by farmers                                         d. Heat-trapping atmospheric gases


      9. Does global warming mean that every place on Earth is getting warmer?

      a.       No, just summers are warmer                           c. Yes, every spot on Earth is hotter

      b.      No, but world average is rising              d. No, only certain spots


      10. Water harvesting’ has emerged as a sensible method of meeting the water shortfall in a cost effective manner and is now being applied in most cities to raise the groundwater levels. Water harvesting is the

      a.       Collection of water from rivers

      b.      Collection of rainwater in storage tanks or putting back into the soil to recharge groundwater

      c.       Harvesting of water from tube wells

      d.      None of the above


      11. Rubber tires do not degrade naturally and at present there is no viable way of large scale recycling of the rubber used to make them. If tires are burnt, they produce clouds of acrid black smoke in addition to a toxic pollutant. Name it.

      a. SO2                    b. Unburnt hydrocarbons          c. CO                           d. All of these


      12. The massive hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctica was first discovered in

      a.       1905                            b. 1950                        c. 1985                                    d. 2000


      13. Environmental friendliness of a vehicle could be measured by the amount of pollutants it emits per passenger per kilometre travelled. Rate the environmental friendliness (1=best & 4=worst) of the following vehicles as per this criterion:
      Car : scooter : bus : bicycle

      a.       4:3:2:1              b. 2:3:4:1                      c. 3:2:4:1                      d. 4:2:3:1


      14. A device is fitted to motor vehicles to chemically reduce some gases produced by internal combustion engines like NOx , CO , and HC into less harmful products. Name this device.

      a.       2-stroke engines           b. Carburetor               c. Catalytic converter        d. Tail pipe


      15. CFCs (chloro-fluoro-carbons) are greenhouse gases that have caused a rise of 0.3 ºC in the global temperatures in the past century. Name the CFC that is used in refrigerators.

      a.       Methane                       b. Freon                       c. Carbon dioxide         d. Ammonia


      16. One of the most harmful consequences of run-off pollution is eutrophication. Eutrophication

      I.            is initiated by too many nutrients in the water which causes algal blooms to occur.

      II.         causes less sunlight to reach the bottom of the bay, resulting in dead of marine life.

      III.       results in a decrease in dissolved oxygen and water clarity.

      a.       I and II

      b.      II and III     

      c.       I and III

      d.      I,II and III


      17. In the average home, which of the following uses the most water?

      a.       flushing the toilet                                               c. taking a 10-minute shower

      b.      filling the bathtub                                               d. washing one load of clothes


      18. Select the appropriate SEQUENCE.

      a.       Global warming  melting snow  rising sea level floods

      b.      Volcanic dust  traps carbon dioxide  global warming

      c.       Greenhouse effect  carbon dioxide traps heat  melting snow

      d.      All of the above


      19. What human activities cause ozone depletion?

      a.       Industrial halocarbons                                       c. Cigarettes

      b.      Smog from vehicles                                           d. Cooking


       20. "Close the loop on recycling" is becoming a popular catchphrase in the world of waste management. What does it refer to?

      a.       Buying recycled products

      b.      Dropping off recycled materials at a certified recycling center

      c.       Living an environmental lifestyle besides just recycling

      d.      Tying up your recyclables securely


      21. What recyclable commodity is most valuable?

      a.       Paper                           b. Plastic                      c. Glass                        d. Aluminum


      22. The energy saved by recycling one ton of aluminum is equal to about the amount of electricity your house uses over how many years?

      a.       10 years                       b. 3 years                     c. 5 years                     d. 1 year


      23. What is the order of the environmental 3R's used to indicate the best ways to conserve natural resources?

      a.       reduce, recycle, reuse

      b.      reduce, reuse, recycle       

      c.       reuse, recycle, reduce

      d.      recycle, reuse, reduce


      24. Which of the following alternative fuel technology platforms was the first to be introduced to the mass markets?

      a.       Toyota Corolla                                     c. General Motors EV1

      b.      Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars                                  d. Toyota Prius


       25. What chemicals have been banned in most of the world because of their role in destroying the ozone layer?

      a.       Metal oxides                                                     c. Chlorofluorocarbons

      b.      DDT ( first modern pesticide )               d. Peroxides

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