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12Re: Popcorn Fundraiser Topic-Email from Myron about upcoming dates

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  • christinademey
    Oct 1, 2012
      From email sent on 9/30

      Hello, Everyone.

      I had hoped to get a note to all of you before I left school Friday. The
      weekend of October 20 is the only weekend I have free from now until after
      the New Year. I would really like to cook the corn the weekend of Oct.
      20. I know you must all have busy fall schedules as well, so I am open to
      waiting until after Christmas. I was thinking if we did it the weekend
      of the 20th all the families that needed the money before the deadline
      would have the money available. If you can all wait until January or
      February that would suit me fine as well. I really think we could sell a
      large amount of corn it we promote it at the school and take orders before
      we pop it. After watching your children sell cupcakes the last four
      times, I am certain they could sell 20 bags each of the kettle corn. If
      six students sold 50 bags each (300 x 6) they would take about 3-400 out
      in expenses and make about $200.00 each.

      I'm not sure it's worth asking the town of Elkton to tack on another
      kettle corn seller for the fall festival, because I know how territorial
      those folks are. It's looking like we may not be able to sell publicly
      that weekend unless we're just doing it at the school.

      Please reply "Proceed" if you would like me to make up flyers to give to
      the students for taking orders to sell on Oct. 20; or, "Let's wait" if you
      prefer to wait until winter.

      Thank you so much for your patience.

      The students are doing great. They are selling about $75-85.00 worth of
      cupcakes every week. If you want to coordinate among yourselves that
      would be fine. Or I and your children can work on a schedule. I had
      mentioned earlier that persons who make cupcakes should benefit from
      selling them, but this past week an interesting problem arose. We had
      about fifty cupcakes leftover. It doesn' seem fair if someone is baking
      100 or more and others are baking two dozen that one person/family has to
      "eat" the leftovers. I'm wondering if you as parents want to take turns
      baking 50 apiece everyother week. It really seems 160-200 is a good
      amount for the total. Please let me know each week an exact account of
      your contributions. If you are keeping those tallies, please send them
      to me now. Understand, when there are leftovers, the friends of your
      children are often the beneficiaries.

      Please also make sure your child takes all containers out of my room
      before the weekend. This weekend one container was left behind, and there
      have been mice in the building.

      Looking forward to your replies,

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