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Driving to and Parking at Cloisters

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  • Elaine
    The SCA demo at the Cloisters Festival is tomorrow (Sunday, Oct 3), so I thought I d post directions for anyone who would like to attend. From New Jersey: Take
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      The SCA demo at the Cloisters Festival is tomorrow (Sunday, Oct 3), so I thought I'd post directions for anyone who would like to attend.

      From New Jersey:

      Take the GW Bridge, but do NOT get onto the Henry Hudson. Instead, you want to drive west to Broadway (3 or 4 blocks past the bridge) and turn left/north.

      Drive north on Broadway until you reach 181st Street, then turn left, drive one block, and turn right onto Fort Washington Avenue. Proceed north on Fort Washington Avenue approximately 1/2 mile, until you reach Margaret Corbin Circle. Pull up at the gate and tell them you're with the SCA. If you have reserved parking, they will give you your parking pass there. If not, you can still pull into the park and drop off people and gear, provided you arrive before 10am. The SCA demo will be setting up at our usual place on the South Field, just inside the park and on your left.

      What's important to know is that the Fort Tryon entrance from the Henry Hudson is blocked the night before the Festival, so you won't be able to use it. If you accidentally end up on the Henry Hudson, you can take the Riverside exit (which is right before the Fort Tryon Exit). This is a twisty narrow little route, and if you turn the wrong way you end up back on the Henry Hudson, where the Fort Tryon exit is blocked. If this accidentally happens to you, proceed to the Dyckman exit (last exit before the toll bridge). From Dyckman, turn right/south on Broadway and drive approximately 1 mile south to 181st Street. You get the idea.

      Oh yeah. And please note that Fort Washington goes up the hill to Fort Tryon, while Broadway goes around the bottom of the hill. There's an outcropping of rock on the east side of Fort Tryon (there's a reason the fort was there!) and after 181st Street there isn't a crosstown street that connects Broadway and Fort Washington. So if you're driving north on Broadway and you pass 181st Street, turn around and try again. You won't be able to turn left on the next street and still connect.

      For those of you who may not have arranged for reserved parking-- this is Ostgardr's biggest paid demo of the year, and I'm willing to reimburse anyone for parking who brings another reenactor and/or demo equipment in their car. The nearest parking garage is only one block away on 190th Street:

      Fort Tyron Parking Corporation
      (212) 923-1381
      900 W 190th St, New York, NY 10040 Get directions
      Cross Streets: Near the intersection of W 190th St and Fort Washington Ave

      Coming up Fort Washington (approaching the Festival), you would need to turn left onto Fort Washington and the garage will be at the corner on your right.

      If you've dropped gear and people first, and are going back down Fort Washington, turn right onto 190th Street and the garage will be immediately on your right.

      So please don't feel that you can't come if you're not on the parking list. Just remember to get a receipt so that I can reimburse you.

      Looking forward to seeing you all there,

      Lady Melanie
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