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Re: [EKSouth] Fighters and Fencers for Ransom Tourney on October 15

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    Do the fighters atleast get dayboard or even water if they come? Baron Adolphus Benner ... From: elzregina@gmail.com To: bhakail-list@yahoogroups.com;
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      Do the fighters atleast get dayboard or even water if they come?
      Baron Adolphus Benner

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      Subject: [EKSouth] Fighters and Fencers for Ransom Tourney on October 15

      Please forgive the crossposts; but if I have missed an appropriate
      list, please post there.

      The Shire of Caer Adamant is hosting a demo for the Red Hat Society on
      October 15. We would love to have, and certainly need, as many
      fighters as possible to entertain the ladies. Please see below:

      From Grainne inghean ui Bhrolachain
      MoL At Large
      Ransom Tourney for Red Hat Demo

      A ransom tournament is basically each fighter for him/herself. A fighter
      starts the tournament with a "stake" of tokens of some sort, in this
      case ten beads [the number of starting beads can be changed to make it
      more of a challenge] . The fighters will receive the beads after passing
      inspection and checking in with the MoL. For our tournament, we're
      asking that each fighter bring a container for the beads. A cup, a bowl,
      a hat, whatever, but preferably unique, since this will hold the tokens
      for the fighter, and there will be a lot of beads running around. Then
      the fighters are free to go fight. When a fighter is killed, the winning
      fighter receives a bead from the losing fighter's stake. Both fighters
      must present themselves to the MoL to move the bead. By the end of the
      day, the fighter with the most beads will be the winner of the

      Fighters will be able to step out as often as they wish. Fighters can
      not enter the field without beads in their containers. Do whatever you
      like with the beads, but it's the count at the end that matters.

      Here's the challenging part. The field won't be the only place to win
      beads. Each of the Red Hats will be given five beads as they enter to
      dispose of however they wish. They can keep them, chuck them, or, most
      importantly, give them to fighters they think deserve them. I know of a
      couple fighters that plan on being there and are already plotting, so
      you might want to work on strategy now!

      In order to make this work, there are a couple things I as the MoL need
      from the fighters. If possible, I need to get as much of a headcount as
      I can ahead of time. I have to get the beads and make sure there's
      enough, and that we'll have enough participation to pull this off! We'll
      also need marshalls and a herald or two. An extra pairs of hands or two
      for the MoL table would be nice as well. If there are any volunteers,
      please let me know buy the end of September so I can switch things
      around if I need to.

      Good luck and good hunting!


      Heraldic displays are highly desired and encouraged, as well as period
      If you are interested in showing off your skills, such as juggling,
      playing an instrument, dancing, etc., please let Lady Serena know so she
      can add you to our list of events for the day.

      A wonderful dayboard will be provided for all participants, both Red Hat
      and the SCA. It will be prepared by our own Lady Ravenild Frogenhall.
      Dayboard is limited to the first 50 reservations and anyone who has not
      registerd will not be able to participate in dayboard(UPDATE: THERE ARE
      ONLY 10 RESERVATIONS LEFT FOR DAYBOARD with the good possibility of
      additional reservations if needed!). Send reservations to:

      Demo Coordinator:
      Lady Serena vonWeldick
      MKA: Monique Borda
      moniquephotography AT hotmail DOT com

      AND the MoL at large:

      From Grainne inghean ui Bhrolachain
      mschroy AT hotmail DOT com

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