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  • L Herr-Gelatt
    Greetings to all my fine friends on this glorious summer day! Below you will find links to all sorts of interesting things, and I beg your pardon if exploring
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2002
      Greetings to all my fine friends on this glorious summer day! Below you will
      find links to all sorts of interesting things, and I beg your pardon if
      exploring these links keeps you from enjoying the recent good weather.

      Our first link is called Electronic Neanderthal. Here you will find
      historical (non-electric) woodworking tips, tools and treasures. Next is a
      site to show how to recognize good gentles from their dress, arms, and
      jewels. There are two archery sites: The Aethelmearc Archery Page and The
      East Kingdom Archery Marshal's Handbook. French Resources for the SCA
      follows, for both the native speaker and those who wish to do a better job
      of speaking French, as well as those who wish more information about
      medieval France. Gothic E-cards provides a series of great medieval-style
      cards to send to your friends for free. There is a link on an article
      regarding Medieval Oslow, and another with a Brief History of Scotch
      Whiskey. Next comes a free e-book of Medieval Fiction, a site on Viking
      Navigation and another on Viking Food.

      The section below the Copyright notice for lii.org commences with a site
      for those who find themselves in leadership roles (New Seneschal? Just hired
      a band of Warriors?) without any previous training, called Big Dog's
      Leadership Pages. Cornell University gives a site that can teach us how to
      Critically Analyze Information Sources, helpful for reasearch purposes. Next
      is the Virtual Reference Shelf and a Journal of 17th Century Music, a Guide
      to Non-Profits, a page dedicated to the Ukraine, Middle English Literature,
      E-Pact (Medieval Scientific Instruments), a 15th Century Book of Hours, a
      Tour of Royal Palaces, Lost Empires, a Catalog of the Scientific Community
      in the 16th and 17th Centuries, and a link to Labrynth, an invaluable
      web-search tool for medievalists.

      I hope you enjoy these links. Please feel free to forward them wherever they
      may find interest so long as the copyright notice stay attached.


      Electronic Neanderthal
      Traditional Woodworking Resources on the Web
      (Site Excerpt) A repository of information on the use and preservation of
      old and antique woodworking tools: sources of tools and materials, events,
      organizations, books, and places to visit, both real and virtual.

      Dress, Jewels, Arms and Coat of Arms: Material Culture and
      Self-Representation in the Late Middle Ages
      (Site Excerpt) The serious gentlemen on the image above are - no doubt -
      feasting. Who can they be? One is startled by the huge 'stars' on their
      'coats': are these the apostles receiving apocryph stigmata at the Last
      Supper, or the jolly company at the feast of Cana? The supposed divine halo
      is nothing more than a sign of earthly pride: the apostle-looking figures
      represent the Order of the Star, l'Ordre de l'Etoile, a French order founded
      in the 14th century ro rivalize the English Order of the Garter.

      Aethelmearc Archery Web-page
      (Site Excerpt) Welcome to the new online home of Aethelmearc Archery. It is
      my pleasure to bring to the populace of Aethelmearc updated Royal Round
      Averages, Archery News, Archery Standards, Archery Events and a score of
      other Archery related topics.

      East Kingdom Archery marshall's handbook
      (Site Excerpt) Greetings from Master Krakken Gnashbone, Captain General of
      the Archers. Thank you for your interest in becoming an archery marshal.
      Archery is a fast growing activity in the East, and we need all the help we
      can get. By contacting me, you've already taken your first step in becoming
      a warranted marshal

      French Resources for the SCA
      (Site Excerpt) This web page is intended to be a tool for people in the SCA
      who wish an opening toward French, and passionates who would like to use the
      beautiful Molière language. It could proves useful for scribes and calligrap
      hers for their scrolls, and for French speaking personas or anything else
      that requires the use of French.

      Gothic Cards: Free e-cards from New York Carver

      Medieval Oslo gets a closer look
      (Site Excerpt from News Article) Archaeologists are getting a closer look at
      medieval life in Norway's capital as a project allows for an examination of
      several skeletons buried around the Maria Church.

      A Brief History of Scotch Whisky
      (Site Excerpt) The word whisky originates from the Gaelic 'usquebac',
      meaning 'the water of life.' The earliest documented record of distilling in
      Scotland was 1494. In the Exchequer Rolls of Dunfermaline, the then capital,
      'eight bolles of malt to Friar John Cor wherewith to make aquavitae (water
      of life) - this is nearly a ton of barley, enought to make 1,400 bottles of

      Medieval Fiction: The Midwife (a modernly written story/e-publication free
      at New York Carver)
      A Tale of the French Middle Ages by Myrrh Sagrada

      Commercial Mead Producers
      (Site Excerpt) An extensive list of the meaderies of the world! This is as
      of December 29, 2001,

      Viking Navigation
      (Site Excerpt) Recent research has revealed that what appeared to be random
      scratches on the Greenland "bearing dial" actually mark the shadow of the
      sun at that latitude, enabling you to find the directions at other times
      other than high noon

      Ancient History: The Vikings: Viking Food
      Some of theViking's foodlike cheeses and smoked meats needed no cooking.
      Bread was baked and meat roasted on a spit or baked in a deep pit covered
      with hot stones. Sometimes it was boiled in an iron cauldron. Foood and soup
      was eaten in wooden bowls and drink taken from cups made from the horns of
      animals. The Vikings used knives, fingers and sone very small spoons but no
      forks. Beer and mead were drunk from the horns of catle.

      NOTE: Use of the annotations from this list must be accompanied by:
      Copyright 2002 by Librarians' Index to the Internet, lii.org.

      Big Dog's Leadership Page - Presentation Skills
      This site covers a range of presentation skills needed to be
      an effective communicator, covering topics such as the
      speaker's voice, body, nerves, habits, and many simple,
      effective tips and techniques. Templates (to download):
      PowerPoint Visual Aid Presentation, Presentation
      Outline, and Training Outline provide additional tools.
      Subjects: Public speaking...
      Created by: jh

      Critically Analyzing Information Sources
      "Learning how to determine the relevance and authority of a
      given resource for your research is one of the core skills of
      the research process." This guide from the Cornell University
      Libraries is designed to help develop this skill.
      Subjects: Information resources -- Evaluation...
      Created by: mg

      Virtual Reference Shelf: Selected Web Resources Compiled by the
      Library of Congress
      This site gathers a collection of links to Internet sites
      organized into about thirty subject divisions, including public
      and university library links organized by state, city, and
      county. If you don't find an answer among the links, click
      Ask a librarian for e-mail help from a division, specialized
      reference service, or reading room in the Library of
      Subjects: Electronic reference sources
      Created by: rv

      Journal of Seventeenth Century Music
      An online journal "published by the Society for Seventeenth-Century Music to
      provide a refereed forum for scholarly studies of the musical cultures of
      the seventeenth century. These include historical and archival studies,
      performance practice, music theory, aesthetics, dance and theater."
      Subjects: Music -- Periodicals | Music -- 17th century | Music -- 17th
      century -- History and criticism | More new
      Category: Specific Resources
      Created by: tm on May 22, 2002 - updated May 27, 2002

      Subject Index for Nonprofits
      An annotated directory of over 800 Internet resources for nonprofits. It
      contains sites on "management and governance, fund raising and grants,
      topical publications, program evaluation, donor prospect research, public
      policy issues, government, and much more."
      Subjects: Nonprofit organizations -- Directories | More new
      Category: Directories
      Created by: dl on May 19, 2002 - updated May 25, 2002

      An extensive site with both content and many links, divided into these
      areas: Arts & Culture includes WAV files of Ukrainian music, wedding
      traditions, folklore, dictionaries, and Ukrainian cuisine and recipes; News
      and Media lists headline news from both newspapers and radio, and newspaper
      archives; Business includes company names and more; Government of the
      Ukraine has government and embassy information; Current Social Issues
      especially for women; About Ukraine gives general information, a
      chronological history, data on Chernobyl, education, and more; Sports; and
      Travel. There is a calendar of events and more topics, too numerous to list.
      Subject: Ukraine
      Category: Directories
      Created by: msc on Oct 10, 1999

      Middle English Literature Anthology (1350-1485)
      A selection of major authors and works, including Geoffrey Chaucer, Sir
      Thomas Malory ("Morte d'Arthur"); Medieval lyrics, plays, and the tales of
      Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; and two little-known women, Juliana of
      Norwich ("Revelations of Divine Love") and Margery Kempe ("The Book of
      Margery Kempe"). Each section features an index of e-texts, bibliographies,
      and other Web sites, along with links to essays and articles.
      Subjects: English literature -- Middle English, 1100-1500 | Full-text
      Category: Specific Resources
      Created by: cl on Sep 4, 1998 - updated Dec 12, 2000
      Famous Last Words:

      Epact: Scientific Instruments of Medieval and Renaissance Europe
      Epact is an online database of medieval and Renaissance scientific
      instruments made before 1600 A.D. There are over 500 entries which include
      astrolabes, armillary spheres, sundials, quadrants, nocturnals, compendia,
      and surveying instruments. Digital pictures of each instrument accompany
      descriptive text. The actual collection is housed in four museums: the
      Museum of the History of Science, Oxford; the Istituto e Museo di Storia
      della Scienza, Florence; the British Museum, London; and the Museum
      Boerhaave, Leiden. There is also biographical information on the 128
      instrument makers. "Epact" was the age of the moon on the first day of the
      medieval year, which began on March 21st.
      Subjects: Scientific apparatus and instruments -- History | Scientists --
      Category: Databases
      Created by: lpb on Mar 9, 2001 - updated Mar 14, 2001

      French Connection
      Selective, organized list of links to sites (in French) in the areas of
      French history, current events, media; language literature libraries,
      e-texts, publishing; art culture tourism; industry trade government;
      gateways; and search engines/tools. Maintained by the library director at
      Howard University.
      Subjects: France | French language
      Category: Directories
      Created by: cl on Oct 2, 2000 - updated Oct 3, 2000

      Mid 15th Century Book of Hours
      Digital replication of a complete book of hours, "a manuscript written on
      vellum with initials illuminated in red, blue or gold and containing 13
      illuminations in color." Viewable in different sizes and by single pages or
      two side by side. The book is from the Mark O. Hatfield Library at
      Willamette University, Salem, Oregon reproduced here by the university's
      Digital Mimesis Project.
      Subjects: Books of hours | Catholic Church -- Prayer-books and devotions |
      Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern) | Illumination of books and
      Category: Databases
      Created by: wh on Mar 2, 2002 - updated Mar 19, 2002

      Historic Royal Palaces
      Five "magnificent buildings -- some of the most visited
      historical attractions in Britain." Find information on the
      Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington
      Palace, Banqueting House, and Kew Palace. Within each
      selection is a brief history, conservation projects, and tourist
      Subjects: Palaces -- Great Britain
      Created by: Susan Birkenseer

      Secrets of Lost Empires: Medieval Siege
      Learn what life was like for castle-dwellers, find out about
      medieval armaments, and even try your hand at destroying a
      castle at this NOVA site.
      Subjects: Military art and science -- History...
      Created by: Theresa Robinett

      Veriditas: The World-Wide Labyrinth Project
      Believing that the"healing qualities of labyrinths have been
      lying dormant for centuries," this site includes articles about
      the value of labyrinths, a worldwide labyrinth locator, ways
      to incorporate meditation in everyday life, and an online
      finger meditation tool. There is also information about the
      labyrinth and related events at Grace Cathedral in San
      Francisco, California, where Veriditas is headquartered.
      Subjects: Labyrinths...
      Created by: Monique le Conge

      Catalog of the Scientific Community in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth
      "A collection of 631 detailed biographies on members of the scientific
      community during the 16th and 17th centuries with vital facts about each
      individual and their contributions to science." Searchable. An excellent
      resource for background information on some lesser known, as well some very
      famous, scientists. To get an alphabetical listing of all entries, leave the
      search form blank, and click on "search." From The Galileo Project, Rice
      University, Houston, Texas.
      Subjects: Scientists -- Biography | Scientists -- 16th century |
      Scientists -- 17th century | Science -- Europe -- History | More new
      Category: Databases
      Created by: mg on May 29, 2002 - updated Jun 4, 2002 |
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