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3001 Arabian Minutes - Shire of Silver Rylle

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    Fri, Nov 9, 2001 to Sun, Nov 11, 2001 Hosted by Shire of Silver Rylle - Fort Indiantown Gap, PA Anyone who has a taste for the Middle East will enjoy the
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      Fri, Nov 9, 2001 to Sun, Nov 11, 2001

      Hosted by Shire of Silver Rylle - Fort Indiantown Gap, PA

      Anyone who has a taste for the Middle East will enjoy the distinctive
      flavors of this delectable event. Those who were enticed into
      joining us for this event last spring were greatly entranced by this
      lovely adventure, so we're doing it again.

      Our tentative Middle-Eastern class schedule is packed with classes on
      Dancing, Drumming, Garb, Middle-Eastern Culture, Jewelry, and Chakra
      Middle-Eastern classes, merchants, and feasting shall fill your
      days. But just wait for those Arabian nights.

      In the early evening we will begin by serving a sumptuous Middle-
      Eastern feast prepared by Lady Seraphina of the Clan MacDonald.
      During dinner you will be surrounded by an atmosphere befitting our
      theme. Join us in the great hall to sit by the fireplace on mounds
      of pillows and magic carpets as you are transported by both feast and
      fancy. Dancers and dramatic readings will delight and entertain as
      you feast. So, bring as many comfy pillows and/or carpets as your
      sense of decadent indulgence desires. (Special arrangements will be
      made for those who cannot sit on the floor. Please contact the
      autocrat with special requests.)

      Immediately following the feast will be the perfect time to reveal
      all you've learned about dancing and drumming, for we plan to dance
      and drum into the night.


      Find your best route to I-81.Take exit 29 (Fort Indiantown Gap).
      Turn right off the ramp, go one half mile and turn left onto Asher
      Miner Road (there will be a Funck's Market/Texaco on the right). Go
      to the first stop sign (at Route 443). Go straight through the
      intersection - this will be route 443 East. Proceed 3.8 miles - Camp
      Bashore will be on the right.

      At-a-Glance Event Information
      Camp Bashore Boy Scout Camp
      no street address
      Fort Indiantown Gap, PA 17003
      Show me a map!

      Site Opens: 5 PM
      Site Closes: 2 PM

      Event Fees:

      Site : pre-registered (received) by November 6th > onboard - $19
      adults, $9 children under 12, (Babes in arms free) - (onboard
      includes 4 meals and tent or cabin space), offboard - $9 (includes
      breakfasts & lunch and tent or cabin space) . At the door (Nov 9 &
      10) Onboard - $23, children - $11, offboard - $9. Please include
      with your reservations: mundane names, SCAdian names, phone number
      or e-mail address, onboard/offboard, and tent/cabin space. Communal
      cabin space is available on a limited basis with choices of children,
      quiet (early to bed) or party (late nighters) cabins - contact Jessa
      for availability (717-354-4754 or JustJessa@...).

      Send Reservations to:
      Send all reservations to the autocrat, Lady Jessa,(Kaye Waltz 4967
      Division Hwy, East Earl, PA 17519)

      Lady Jessa > 717-354-4754 or JustJessa@...

      Other Contact Information:
      Please call the Lady Serphina at (717-625-2887) with any dietary

      Merchants are encouraged - there is no merchant fee, however for this
      event we ask that merchants do as much as possible to cater to the
      Middle-Eastern theme. Merchants should contact the autocrat for
      reservations and information.

      Make Checks Payable to: Shire of Silver Rylle SCA, Inc.
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