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Eisental: Athena's Thimble Class Schedule (fwd)

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  • Jenne Heise
    Forwarded by request: (The short version of the schedule is online at: http://tulgey.browser.net/eisental/thimble/schedule.html ) ... -- Jadwiga Zajaczkowa,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2000
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      Forwarded by request:
      (The short version of the schedule is online at:
      > Greetings to all,
      > Here is the list and schedule for the Collegium this weekend. The times are
      > subject to slight change, but the classes are all confirmed as of today.
      > In addition to this slate of great classes, we will be having an embroidery
      > display---so bring all your best work to show off. We'll be taking photos to
      > post on the Thimble web site. Also, we will be holding panels for guild
      > ranks, so bring your works in progress and pieces you'd like to have
      > critiqued.
      > The event is *FREE* That's right, due to the wonderful generosity of the
      > Shire of Eisental, there will be no site/dayboard fee. Even better reason to
      > spend the day in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. A sumptuous,
      > needleworker-friendly dayboard (no messy stuff to stain the fabric!) will be
      > offered.
      > Please forward this announcement to any other SCA lists.
      > See you Saturday,
      > Mistress Gabrielle D'Outer Mer
      > Guildmistress, Athena's Thimble
      > Athena’s Thimble Collegium
      > November 4, 2000
      > Schedule and Class Descriptions
      > 10 A.M.
      > How to Judge a Panel for Athena’s Thimble (2 hrs)
      > Mistress Anne of Hatfield, guild founder
      > This is an overview of how to critique all forms of embroidery for rankings
      > in the guild. What to look for, how to evaluate skills, and how to
      > diplomatically encourage a needleworker will be discussed. This class is part
      > of the requirements for Senior membership in the guild.
      > Middle Eastern Embroidery
      > I’sa
      > This class will discuss late-period Turkish embroidery, appropriate for
      > Middle Eastern garb and accessories.
      > Spinning Flax with Spindle and Distaff
      > Lady AnneLiese Wolkenhaar
      > Students will learn how to dress a distaff and spin using an in-the-hand
      > spindle technique that was used at least from the 10th-19th centuries.
      > Discussion will include the history and processing of flax.
      > 11 a.m
      > Medieval Smocking Techniques
      > Lady Ellesbeth
      > This class will discuss the history and techniques of period smocking and
      > smocking stithces.
      > Beginning Warping and Weaving
      > Mistress Brekka
      > This class will show the basics of warping and weaving on a 4-harness table
      > loom.
      > 12-1 LUNCH
      > 1 p.m.
      > Documentation and “Period Usage”
      > Mistress Gabrielle D’Outer Mer
      > What’s period usage? This question comes up all the time, and this class will
      > attempt to clarify what it is and how to achieve it through documentation and
      > research.
      > Padded Work
      > Lady Rosamund
      > This class is an overview of padded work techniques and how to do them.
      > Advanced Lucet Cord
      > Magdalena van der Brugge
      > Learn to make your own cording for embroidery and garb, including advanced
      > designs.
      > 2 p.m.
      > Designing and Creating Period Embroidery (2 hrs)
      > Mistress Katherine Gillesfleur, guild founder
      > An intensive look at the steps in designing, researching, and creating period
      > embroidery.
      > Reversible Blackwork: The Holbein Stitch
      > Lady Elizabeth Marshall
      > Also known as "Double Running Stitch" — The double running stitch is commonly
      > used to create reversible blackwork for cuffs, collars, cap strings, etc.
      > Double running stitch is a counted work stitch. When planned carefully,
      > the two way trip through the pattern creates the reversible design. During
      > the workshop we will look at analyzing a chart to plan the route, together
      > with side trips. Kit will include a booklet with information on planning the
      > route, some worksheets for practicing, several nice charts and a list of
      > resources for this and
      > other needlework. A hands-on class, the kit will also include some fabric,
      > floss and a needle. Discussion will include other materials available and
      > tips handy for blackwork and other needlework. $3 donation to
      > cover cost of kit is requested.
      > Sewing with Authentic Threads and Stitches
      > Caisin nic Annaidh
      > Have you ever had the desire to sew something by hand but didn’t know how to
      > go about it? Have you wanted to try hand sewing a garment with authentic
      > threads but didn’t know where to get them? Have you ever tried to sew with
      > wool or linen and been frustrated by the thread breaking or snagging? Sewing
      > with authenthic materials is quite simple if you use medieval techniques,
      > too. In this class, you will learn documentable period stitches from
      > Coppergate, York, and London digs as well as a few Irish examples. You’ll get
      > a chance to try them all with wool and linen thread on swatches of wool,
      > linen, and silk. Swatches and thread will be provided. On display will be a
      > number of hand-sewn garments of wool, linen, and silk.
      > 3 p.m.
      > Designing and Creating Period Embroidery (con’t)
      > Beginning Hardanger (2 hr)
      > Lady Elizabeth Marshall
      > Hardanger is a counted-stitch open work method. This hands on class will
      > cover the very basics: Satin stitch blocks (Klosters), where and how to cut,
      > needle wrapping, doves eyes and how to read a chart. Hints and
      > tips for Hardanger and for needlework in general will be given. The kit will
      > include work book (which will include areas not covered), resource list,
      > fabric, thread, and needles. A $4 donation to cover cost of the
      > kit is requested.
      > Free Time in the Spinning Corner
      > 4 p.m
      > Panels

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