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      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Logan and/or Arielle
      > To: CALONTIR@...
      > Sent: Monday, July 31, 2000 1:44 AM
      > Subject: Re: Known World Squires TOurney III
      > Unto the Chivalry of the Known World, greetings from Duke Logan Ebonwoulfe, Kingdom
      > of Atlantia.
      > It is with great pleasure that I announce the plans for what will be a grandiose
      > event to occur at Pennsic XXIV. I am coordinating a tournament to be called "The Third
      > Annual Known World Squire Championship Tourney".
      > I invite all of you to enter your squires in this double elimination tournament. The
      > purpose of this is to showcase our best students, in martial competition, chivalry, and
      > honor. It is also my desire to see some friendly rivalries develop between the future
      > leaders of the Known World. As all of you are aware, we have created many friendships,
      > through combat, that have spanned across our kingdom's boundaries. I would like to see
      > these existing, and future, bridges strengthened.
      > This year the tourney will be Wednesday August 16th starting sharply at 10:00 am on
      > the main field. All participants are to be onthe field by 9:15 to sign in. This year
      > we will be in a rush due to the 12:00 pm start of the Woods Battle. If you have a
      > truck to help transport the fighters to the woods following the end of the Squire's
      > Championship Tourney please bring it. If all of the fighters are checked in by 9:30 we
      > will be done in plenty of time to get to the woods so please be prompt.
      > The tourney will be run in a standard "Atlantian Speed Tourney" format until we reach
      > the semi-finals. Then the fights will be run
      > individually. A hand painted scroll will be presented to the winner of the tourney,
      > at their respective Kingdom's Court, at Pennsic.
      > The scroll will have the signatures/marks of all the Knights/Masters present. It
      > will be complete, with the exception of a blank shield (for the winner's arms) and a
      > blank belt tip (for their Knight's/Master's arms).
      > In order for your student to enter you must be present at the start of the tourney to
      > sign the scroll. Additionally, there is a five dollar (US funds) entry fee for each
      > Squire. All monies collected will be donated to the charity of the winner's choosing
      > (i.e. Kingdom, Barony, Pennsic E.M.T., Kingdom newsletter, any modern charity, etc.).
      > I encourage you to make plans to witness this grand event.
      > If you have any questions that you would like answers to now, please feel free to
      > e-mail me directly at: sirlogan@... please put "SQUIRES" as your subject
      > header so that I may respond more quickly. You can also call me at (704) 399-1200. You
      > may also find my camp in (N23? Clan Ebonwoulfe). For those of the Chivalry that are
      > not on these mailing lists, please forward this information to them.
      > Until next our paths may cross, may your aim be true, your cut deep, and your life
      > long. I bid you the strength, courage and wisdom of the Wolf, the most noble of
      > beasts, as I remain in service,
      > Duke Logan
      > Speak only the truth about people, and you have no need to whisper.
      > -me
      > _______________________________________________________________________
      > Vis, Fortitudo, Prudentia (Strength, Courage, Wisdom)
      > _______________________________________________________________________
      > "For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."
      > -R. Kipling
      > visit our canton web page at: http://guardians.atlantia.sca.org/

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