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  • Tim and Gabrielle Taylor
    Greetings to all the new subscribers to the EK South Mailing List, from Duchess Gabrielle! Well it didn t take long to get 21 subscribers to the List - I guess
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 1998
      Greetings to all the new subscribers to the EK South Mailing List, from
      Duchess Gabrielle!

      Well it didn't take long to get 21 subscribers to the List - I guess
      there is some interest in this topic after all. I've never moderated a
      list before, so some of you more exprienced types might want to help out
      where necessary. We have a lot to talk about, and I'm anxious to have
      everyone feel free to contribute.

      For those of you who haven't heard this yet, one of the reasons Timothy
      and I wanted to serve the Kingdom as King and Queen this past year was
      so that we could give some attention to the Southern Region. You can
      count on one hand the number of Royal Progresses that have happened in
      the Southern Region in the three years between our two reigns. Anyone
      who attended one of our Courts in the Southern Region in the past six
      months saw an average of 25-30 awards being given out, most of them
      Awards of Arms - we were playing catch up for three years that the
      region did not have much opportunity for the populace to receive awards
      and recognition. We had RP's in Blak Rose, Silver Rylle, Owl's Reste,
      Caer Adamant, Barren Sands, Iron Bog, Eisental, Ostgardr, An
      Dubhaigeainn, Bhakail, and Settmour Swamp. That's a lot of overdue

      One thing we want to emphasize is that there are several Principalities
      in the Known World which are "permanent", in that they have not gone
      Kingdom for upwards of 20 years, and it doesn't look like they ever
      will. The only experience the East has had with Principalities is that
      they eventually go Kingdom (Atlantia, Drachenwald and Aethelmearc), but
      it is possible to form a Principality that will continue to be a part of
      the East Kingdom indefinitely. We are not looking towards necessarily
      ever leaving the East Kingdom, just giving the Southern Region more

      When you have a Prince and Princess of a Principality, they can give
      Awards of Arms to the Populace. This would be a *huge* help in the
      Southern Region - like I said, the largest percentage of awards we gave
      out were Awards of Arms. Second, the Principality can decide to create
      other awards - for example, another level of recognition for excellence
      in fighting, arts and sciences, and service. Right now gentles from the
      South must be recognized for their accomplishments on a Kingdom level,
      which can take many years. In a Principality, they could get the pat on
      the back a lot sooner with a Principality award.

      Briefly, those are some of the main reasons we would like to see a
      Southern Principality formed. It would also be nice to see some more
      gentles have an opportunity to do a reign. For those of you who don't
      know, in a Principality there are Coronet Tournaments instead of Crown
      Tournaments, usually twice a year the same way we do with Kingdom. The
      Prince and Princess of the Principality are distinguished from the
      winners of the Kingdom Crown Tourney by identifying the Kingdom Crown
      Tourney winners as Crown Prince and Crown Princess, since they will
      ultimately be crowned King and Queen.

      Some of you may have heard that the Northern Region of Atlantia is in
      the process of forming a Principality, which they started last January.
      Their web page is at:


      Also I have copied some of the information from their web page here that
      I thought would be of interest:

      1. What is a Principality?

      A Principality is a part of a Kingdom that has the right to choose
      its ceremonial heads by combat. The
      Prince and Princess (the Coronet) rule their lands in the name of
      the Crown and are subject to its guidance.
      The Coronet has such powers as Kingdom law and custom give it.
      The Coronet may establish
      non-armigerous awards and orders and may award armigerous awards
      with the permission of the Crown.
      Principalities have their own Great Officers and have the right to
      make laws, so long as they do not conflict
      with the laws of their Kingdom.

      2. What are the requirements for a Principality?

      The requirements for a Principality are defined in Corpora V.B.2:

      A branch or contiguous group of branches may petition through their
      kingdom for this status if the resulting
      entity would fulfill the following requirements:
      a. At least 100 subscribing members.
      b. A full staff of prospective Great Officers, each of whom is
      acceptable to the kingdom officer
      responsible for the direction of that specific Society
      activity and such other officers as kingdom law
      and custom may require.
      c. A name and device registered with the College of Arms.
      d. Consensus favoring advancement in branch status, amongst
      the members in the proposed
      e. A record of well-attended events together with regular
      study or guild meetings, demonstrations, and
      other educational activities for the benefit of the members
      and the community at large.
      f. Sufficient members of the orders conferring Patents of Arms
      to foster the development of those
      orders and the skills they represent within the principality.
      g. Sufficient fighters of such caliber as to provide
      appropriate competition for the Coronet.
      h. A body of principality law which provides for the
      maintenance and succession of the Coronet, and
      for any other matters delegated or permitted by the parent
      kingdom. Draft laws, in the form they will
      be presented to the victors of the first Coronet Lists, must
      accompany a petition for principality status.

      Finally, we would like to hold an open meeting sometime in
      January/February to discuss this idea further, and to see how many
      people show their interest by showing up. If anyone has suggestions
      about where there might be a free site that would handle 200 or so
      people, and is somewhat centrally located, please let us know.

      Sorry this was such a long winded posting, hopefully lots of other
      people will jump in to continue the discussion now, I'm looking forward
      to it!

      In Service to the East, the Society, and the Southern Region,
      Gabrielle van Nijenrode
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