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  • Timothy & Gabrielle Taylor
    Greetings Citizens and Dwellers of the Kingdom of the East. In an effort to encourage classes at all events not just the Kingdom Universities I have begun a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 1999
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      Greetings Citizens and Dwellers of the Kingdom of the East.

      In an effort to encourage classes at all events not just the Kingdom
      Universities I have begun a database of teachers in the East Kingdom.
      It contains 51 classes so far but I would like to see it grow far beyond
      it's humble beginnings. I will be trying to send information to those
      teachers who are currently in the database for updates and additions
      (once I find out
      if they can accept MSWord attachments). Please consider adding yourself
      to the database. If you're willing to teach but aren't sure what you
      should or could teach - ask your friends, you might be surprised by some
      of their answers.

      For those who would like to access the database please contact me
      privately at maggiea@... or (518) 464-6710 (before 10pm EST -
      thanks) or Margarita Kofinopoia/Maggie Allen, 393 Church Rd., Albany, NY

      I would like to reassure all those who are willing to be in the database
      - I will NOT be giving out any names or specific contact information
      sent to me (with the possible exception of web page addresses). I
      will forward A&S coordinator or Autocrat contact information to specific
      teachers or groups of teachers who are willing to teach in an area
      hosting an event (once the regional information is available).

      The information that I'm trying to have for each class is listed below.
      I realize this is a lot of information but I ask that you please try to
      fill in as much as you possibly can. When filling out this form please
      add a blank line between each item for ease of dataentry. If you are
      submitting more than one class at a time you only need to send me the
      information above the asterisk (*) with the first class.

      SCA Name:
      SCA Offices and Awards:
      Mundane Name:
      City : State/Province:
      Postal Code:
      Web Page Address:
      Local Group (SCAdian location):
      Locations (mundane designations) you are willing to travel to:
      Class Level (basic, intermediate, advanced…):
      What time period does your class cover? (indicate all that apply) 1)
      2)1001-1300, 3)1301-1650 :
      Class Title:
      Class Description (do not exceed 500 characters):
      Class length (in hours):
      Fee (please list amount required in US funds):
      Time Preferences (indicate all that apply): 8-10, 10-12, 12-2, 2-4,
      Size limit (please indicate whether you will allow auditors in addition
      to limit):
      Do you need (indicate all that apply): indoor space, electricity,
      running water, tables and chairs, kitchen facilities, and/or messy
      space. Anything else (please specify)?

      Please print this out to share locally and at events with those who do
      not have access to e-mail. I will also be trying to print some up and
      get them to events.

      Information can be e-mailed (either as an attachment or in the body of
      an e-mail) to me at maggiea@... or mailed to me at Margarita
      Kofinopoia/ Maggie Allen, 393 Church Rd., Albany, NY 12203. Contact me
      privately via e-mail or at (518) 464-6710 (before 10pm EST) if you have
      any questions.

      I would like to thank Mistress Teleri ferch Pawl of the Barony of the
      Stargate in Ansteorra for giving me a good solid idea of where to start.

      In Service -

      Maggie/Kuria Margarita Kofinopoia
      Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery.
      Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present!!
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