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Rusted Woodlands - 100 Minutes War - repeat

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  • ragnar_wolf@juno.com
    Greetings I just checked digests and it appears that the attachment of the 100 Minutes War event announcement did not get passed on, so here we go again We
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 1999

      I just checked digests and it appears that the attachment of the 100
      Minutes War event announcement did not get passed on, so here we go again

      We have also received word that this event will be a Royal Progress of
      their future (for now) Majesties Lucan and Marieke.

      Ragnar the Wolf
      Seneschal, Rusted Woodlands

      100 Minutes War

      20 November, 1999 - Rusted Woodlands

      You listened to your father's stories of his exploits and wondered if you
      would have the opportunity to do the same - well now is your chance - 100
      Minutes War is back (by popular demand). So dust off your swords,
      re-string your bows, and loosen your rapiers for a memorable day of
      chivalrous combat.

      The War will be held on Saturday, 20 November, 1999 at the West Milford
      High School, 67 Highlander Drive, West Milford, NJ 07480. The site will
      open promptly at 10:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM. All gentles still
      present after 10:00 pm shall be cheerfully volunteered to assist with
      clean up.

      Lord Phillipe de Pamiers will organize the simgle elimination heavy
      weapons and he is sure to have some memorable surprises in store for all.
      The archers can look forward to a splendid day of novelty shoots as well
      as the ever popular Royal rounds, all organized by Lady Jehanne De
      Woodford. Fencing has not been forgotten, and Lord Malcolm Bowman is
      sure to have plenty of excitement planned.

      Those who partake of the gentler arts need not despair. Our own Mistress
      of Arts and Sciences, Lady Isabeau d'Orleans has requested that you bring
      examples of your works (either complete or in progress) for an exhibition
      of Arts and Sciences which is sure to please the most Discriminating
      connoisseur of the finer arts.

      Also included in the day's festivities are the possible nuptials of Lord
      Connaugh to Lady Brighid O'Neille. Why possible you may ask. Ladt
      Arrianna McPherson, sister to the "possible" bride, has presented a quest
      to the "possible" groom. Should prove interesting to see if he can
      fulfill his quest and win the hand of his lady fair.

      Day board will be prepared by Jan Starzy (yes, this id Dad). And to
      complete the festivities, Lady Isabeau D'Orleans has prepared a succulent
      feast, which will surpass the ecpectations of even the most
      discriminating palette. (If you have any particular food allergies, or
      special dietary restrictions, please contact Lady Isabeau at 973.253.1259
      (NO calls after 10:00 PM, unless you REALLY want to be a PART of the
      feast.) or e-mail: 110124.1505@....

      The following will be the fare for the day: $15.00 Adult on-Board, $8.00
      on-board for children 6-14: $5.00 out Board.

      All reservations are to be sent to the Troll, Lady jenna McGill (mka
      Justine Pilewski,
      34 E. Spring Valley Avenue, Maywood, NJ 07607). Enclosure of a SASE will
      allow the troll to provide you with Express Check In. And as always, the
      only reservation is a paid reservation. Merchants have been and always
      will be welcome; If you have any questions, please contact the Merchant
      Autocrat Lady Julianna Stratford, (mka June Lathrop, 10 Lenape trail,
      West Milford, NJ 07480; e-mail jlath71794@...) to discuss table
      requirements, set-up, etc.

      Autocrats are Connaugh and Brighid o'Neill (Ken and Mindi Easton)

      Directions to follow.
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