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Bhakail Champions & Commons Thanks & Acknowledgements

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  • Martyn de Halliwell
    To all and sundry: Many thanks are due to the tireless efforts of many hands that went into the creation and execution of this month s Bhakail s Champions &
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2013
      To all and sundry:

      Many thanks are due to the tireless efforts of many hands that went into
      the creation and execution of this month's Bhakail's Champions & Commons

      First, thank you to Their Excellencies, Mael Eoin & Ysmay, Baron and
      Baroness of Bhakail, and the people of the Barony, who allowed me to put on
      this event.

      While the weather was not ideal, we were all kept dry due to the efforts of
      several people, including Heinrich and Matt from Iron Bog and Barren Sands
      respectively, Gina, Lady Astrid, Lord Riocard, Lord Dabid, Lord Bryan, Lady
      Alesia, and Baroness Philadelphia. It was with their help that the lists
      and canvas covers were raised.

      Baroness Philadelphia manned the gate for the entirely of the day, checking
      Blue Cards, getting the waiver signed, and collecting donations to benefit
      the Barony and cover the costs of the event. Her Excellency is so often
      the kind and welcoming face many of us have come to know when checking into
      events in Bhakail.

      Lady Alesia organized, supervised, and ran the It Takes MY Child to Raze a
      Village activities for children and their families. They seemed to have so
      much fun throughout the day. Thank you also to those who helped her in her
      task, Mistress Scheherazade and Lady Suba, along with Lady Gisela and
      Baroness Judith for their donations of items from the Children's Fete.

      Lord Riocard served as my Deputy Autocrat, Clean-up Crew Coordinator, and
      as Chirurgeon for the day, with Lord Bryan who also heralded you all
      throughout the day, keeping you updated with important information, and
      giving you notice when it was time for court.

      Baroness Judith & Lady Gisela served as our Ministers of the Lists for the
      day, and kept the records of bouts and points earned by our new Champions.

      Lord Hroudland stepped in to run a Youth List for the day, and saw several
      young fighters step up to take the list field.

      Lady Zhelana & Don Davius organized what appeared and sounded to be both
      challenging and very fun tournaments to find their successors.

      Baron Joseph Harcourt served as our armored combat marshal and the many
      individuals who stepped up as rapier combat marshals.

      A huge thank you, and round of vivats for Lord John Marshall for cooking up
      everything people brang in addition to some other very tasty things, and
      for keeping the bountiful potluck dayboard people so generously provided
      well organized. Thanks also to his wonderful kitchen staff for their work
      throughout the day, including Lady Elizabet Marshall and Meesteres Annetje.

      Many thanks, especially, to those who at the end of the day, mustered up
      the energy to help break down the canvas flys, pop-ups, and list poles
      including: Heinrich, Matt, Lord Riocard, Lady Triona, Lord Ian, Lady
      Astrid, and especially Lords Cailin, Talan, & Horst who were indispensable
      in getting everything where it needed to go so we could all leave.

      Once again thank you to everyone who made this a wonderful event for and on
      behalf of the Barony.

      In service to Bhakail,
      Martyn de Halliwell

      Lord Martyn de Halliwell, CotT
      *Per pale argent and azure, a hedgehog statant between three crosses
      cletchy fitchy counterchanged.*

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