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Re: [EKSouth] EVENT REMINDER: Summer's End Schola, 9/7/13, Owlsherst

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  • Peter Lee
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      Holly Wood <linette@...> wrote:

      >Could someone please forward this to the
      >AEthelmearc and Atlantia lists for me? I deeply appreciate it. - Linette
      >Summers End Schola September 7, 2013
      >Shire of Owlsherst
      >First Church of the Brethren
      >2710 Kingston Rd
      >York, PA 17402
      >Celebrate the end of another wonderful summer
      >season in the Shire of Owlsherst! For all of who
      >may have developed a new interest or wish to
      >continue in a craft or skill (Pennsic has a way
      >of doing that) this schola is designed to augment you knowledge.
      >There are various learning tracks, and classes
      >are offered in each topic. They are as follows:
      >Martial Arts - Master Wulfgar O' the Wood and
      >Master Ruslan Novgorodcev will be covering
      >Beginning Armouring, Great Weapon
      >Techniques/Strategies, Beginning and Advanced
      >Sword and Shield, and a Question/Answer Session
      >On The Ideals of Chivalry As They Relate To The
      >SCA. Please bring weapons and shields; You may
      >also need armor if Master Ruslan wants to actually fight as he teaches.
      >Fiber Arts classes include Japanese Garb, A
      >Roundtable Discussion on European Medieval Garb
      >(please come with questions, problems,
      >observations, etc.), An Overview of Techniques
      >and Tools to Construct Authentic Medieval Shoes, and Clothing Embellishment.
      >Performing Arts subjects will include Research
      >for the Performing Arts, Never Apologize: Do's
      >and Don'ts for Performance, A Survey of Music of
      >the Iberian Peninsula, and Song Swap. - learn
      >period and SCA songs of all kinds!
      >Culinary Arts will make use of the kitchen, so a
      >Hands-On Bread Baking Class (culminating in the
      >loaves of warm bread to be served during the Pot
      >Luck Feast), Introduction to the Mechanics of
      >Medieval Recipe Preparation, complete with
      >stories from the time period as well as samplings
      >of numerous dishes, and Easy Non-Alcoholic
      >Redactions and original Texts for Selected
      >Beverages including a sample of a tasty hot
      >weather drink and discussion of variations to explore.
      >Youth Combat will also be available throughout the day
      >In addition to attending classes you can gather
      >throughout the day in the Fellowship Hall to
      >visit and share stories from summer events (The
      >Social Arts?). Be sure to bring an item to work
      >on or a project you've completed to show others.
      >A Day Board will be provided by Lord Marcus, Lady
      >Mori and the Owlsherst Cook's Guild. The menu
      >includes Ham and Bean Soup, Bread with Honey
      >Butter, Open-Face Sandwiches (ham, beef with
      >provolone cheese), Balsamic Eggs, Hard Boiled
      >Eggs, Pickles, Assorted Cheeses, Pretzels, Fruit Salad, Apples and Oranges
      >A "Pot Luck"� Dinner/Feast will be shared by
      >all. Kindly bring a favorite dish to accompany a
      >Beef Entrée with Pepper Sauce from our
      >cooks. Possibilities of things to bring could be
      >appetizers, side dishes, salad, or desserts). We
      >will have refrigerator space available during the
      >day, and you can heat up your contribution for
      >the meal in the kitchen (ovens and burners available). This is a dry site.
      >If you would like to offer a song, story, music
      >performance, etc during dinner you are most
      >welcome to do that. We will have a sign-up sheet for that purpose.
      >Directions: Take your best route to 30 in the
      >east side of York (if coming via 83 go
      >East). Turn South on Rte 24/Mt. Zion Road
      >towards Red Lion. Go 1.1 mile. Turn right at
      >the light on Kingston Rd. Travel about .8 mi to
      >First Church of the Brethren on the left. Turn
      >into the parking lot, entrance is around the back, signs will guide you.
      >Site Opens: 9:30 a.m., Classes begin at 11:00 a.m.
      >Site Closes: 7:00 p.m. Assistance cleaning up is most welcomed
      >Site Fees: (includes Day Board) $6.00; Pre-registration by 8/23/13 $5.00
      >$5.00 Non-member Surcharge applies
      >Feast Fee: Your dish to share and a donation for use of the site.
      >Your registration for the event is your reservation for the "Pot Luck Feast"
      >Make Checks Payable to SCA Inc - Shire of Owlsherst
      >Send Reservations to:
      >Lady Constancia Aelfwinesdottir (Connie Pickard)
      >695 Robin Hill Circle
      >York, PA 17404
      >Co-Autocrat Information
      >Lady Orlaithe the Wanderer and Tiarna Conall mac Taichlich
      >Barry and Dianne Hollinger
      >717 747 3046
      >Merchants are welcome, contact the Autocrats
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