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Persian-Arabic-Indian Clothing Class THIS WEEKEND!

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  • Martyn de Halliwell
    Greetings Bhakail, and neighboring groups! We have arranged a special class for this *Sunday, March 3rd at 5PM* in Bhakail for Women s Persian, Arabic, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2013
      Greetings Bhakail, and neighboring groups!

      We have arranged a special class for this *Sunday, March 3rd at 5PM* in
      Bhakail for Women's Persian, Arabic, and Indian Clothing to be taught by
      Mistress Mika, Baroness of Carillion, Lady Anna of Carillion, and Lady
      Lunaria "Luned" Gwynn.

      They will be demonstrating the different types of clothing worn, how to
      wear them, and answering questions. We will be following up with work on
      patterning and clothing at future Canton A&S Workshops.

      If you are interested in coming, an e-mail to me at
      martyn.de.halliwell@... would be greatly appreciated, but is in no
      way necessary.

      A large number of you have expressed interest in more wearable clothing for
      Pennsic, and a variety of options will be on display here.

      The workshop will start at 5PM and is going to be at my shop in Clifton
      Heights (the site of the Canton A&S Workshops on Monday Nights) - *195 N.
      Springfield Road, Clifton Heights, PA 19018*

      *We are easily accessible via SEPTA* - the 109 bus stops a block away, the
      102 Trolley from 69th Street is a few blocks away (call me for a ride!).
      There are also, I believe, two different regional rail lines that stop at
      the Clifton-Aldan Station, which is also very close (again, call me for a

      *If you'd like directions, or get lost, etc. please call my cell phone
      484-557-8757. There is ample street parking on N. Sycamore (only on the
      LEFT side of the street, No parking on the right side), as well as on other
      nearby streets.*

      *There is no fee for the class*, however, some of us may be ordering food
      from one of the local places at some point during the class, or possibly be
      headed out for food afterwards, so just be aware.

      Looking forward to seeing many of you this Sunday.

      Please forward to other local lists, as I'm not on all of them.

      In service,

      Lord Martyn de Halliwell, COT
      *Per pale argent and azure, a hedgehog statant between three crosses
      cletchy fitchy counterchanged.*

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