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Stranger's Ball thanks

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  • Rowen Stuffer
    Even small events aren t successful without the work of many hands, so we d like to thank all those that helped make Stranger s Ball this past Saturday in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2012
      Even small events aren't successful without the work of many hands, so
      we'd like to thank all those that helped make Stranger's Ball this
      past Saturday in the Canton of Black Icorndall a success.

      Our gatekeeper, Amina, who was running the gate for the first time,
      with the help of Ladies Suba and Zhelana.

      The decorators and hall setup staff, who also made two new, large
      Black Icorndall banners - Lord Martyn, Lady Eleanora, Bill and Bob,
      Lady Lianor, Leofwenn and Adam, and Lady Suba.

      Our head cook, Mistress Juliana, for her dayboard and desserts, along
      with her staff of cooks and dishwashers - Master Rashid, Baroness
      Philadelphia, Lady Violet, and Sigmund.

      Lord Georg and Lord Dafydd, our dancemasters, teaching in the
      afternoon and leading the dance in the evening.

      The Branslers, who made dancing to live music possible - Baroness
      Sabine, Lord Martyn, Lady Lianor, and Friar Will.

      Lady Eleanora for the painted pumpkin and carved and painted turnip
      children's activities.

      Their Excellencies, Baron Darmon and Baroness Sabine, and Don Ian, who
      heralded Their Excellencies' Court.

      Lady Zhelana, for shuttling people to the train at the evening's end.

      And to everyone who helped straighten up and break down at the end of
      the evening and anyone else we may have overlooked, thank you all!

      - Lady Ysmay and Baron Rowen
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