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(not Spam) River War a new begin

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  • Sterlingdelarosa
    Please re-post as you see fit... The more of your friends that see the information the more of your friends you can see at one place and time.... Just in case
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      Please re-post as you see fit... The more of your friends that see the information the more of your friends you can see at one place and time....

      Just in case you have not had a chance to see the updated info about River War Please take a moment to look over the info. Also as noted in the following post there will not be an open day board. Please plan accordingly.

      Rumors have been put to rest. Hands have been shaken. Gifts have been exchanged. Doves have been released as a sign of happiness. Words of peace, harmony, and tranquility echo from land to land. So now the question is what will the Baronies do for entertainment during these peaceful times?

      Well, this year the Baronies have decided to have a bit of fun as they make their preparation for the winter months. With a small wager and bragging rights at stake-we have decided to hold this River War as a New Beginning. More like a beginning of war games. With that said all swords will be made for safety- Rapier blades will have blunt tips and all heavy weapons will be of a wooden material.

      Those brave souls that will come to show support to the Barony of their choice are asked to help make the wager more interesting by bringing a small item for donation to be placed into a treasure chest that will be awarded to the Barony who scores the most points. These items will be used by the Baron and Baroness of the winning side and their populace as gifts, tourney prizes, and auction or anything along those lines. The event steward will be starting the chest off with two bottles of mead.

      ***********UPDATED INFO *****************************
      There are many activities the event steward is madly working on so there is enough entertainment at this event.

      Heavy and Rapier combats please note that 10 AM will be the kick off time to begin your fun. Please plan accordingly.

      The Archery and Thrown weapons marshals will be on hand to bring you interesting and unique targets. May your weapons and arrow fine its target!

      Equestrian: If you wish to bring your horse(s) to this event, please contact the equestrian marshal-in-charge prior to the event. All horses attending the event must have a current Coggins test, and horses traveling from outside New Jersey must have a current 30-day interstate health certificate, per SCA Equestrian regulations. Equine health paperwork can be transmitted to the marshal-in-charge in advance via fax or email, or produced at the event prior to unloading the horse from the trailer. Sorry, no rental horses are currently available for this event.

      A & S Display-River Wars A NEW Beginning NEW being the operative word but -NEW- can mean different things. New can be something you have never done before, new can be something no one else has done, and new can be a start, as in a new project. That is the theme of the A & S Display. Decide which of those three definitions of the word -New- fits you and enter a display. Have you found some research you haven’t seen before about a project? Do a project and show off the research and the item. Have you always wanted to try a different arts or science? Now is a perfect time to try it and share your foray into a new discipline. Do you have a project that you need to start and keep putting it off? Now is a great time to start it and enter into the display what you have done so far.
      Please bring your project and why it says -NEW- to you and your research to back up the project to enter into our A & S -New- Display. Every entrance will earn points for the barony.

      Classes: Several teachers have offered to share their knowledge because they have heard that there are many classrooms available. If you too would like to teach please send your questions and information to sterlingdelarosa@... .

      Bardic Competition: There is a stage what should we do with it? Perform any song, story, or poem appropriate to the SCA - original or period. Points will be given for each performance, extra points if you tie the piece to on the theme of "New Beginnings," and/or to one of the Baronies. The Barony with the most points at the end of the performance period will win!

      Subtlety competition: We invite you to bring a subtlety piece to be displayed through the day with the winner chosen by our Baron and Baroness during the feast. The subtlety can be edible or just a show piece item. If the item is edible a list of ingredients will be required. All subtlety items should have documentation of the inspiration of the piece, historical validation and how the piece was created by you versus how it might have been created in period. Subtlety items can be made by individuals or teams. Edible items should be offered up for the enjoyment of feast goers and non-edible subtlety items should be removed from the feast hall at the conclusion of the feast.

      Youth activities: Let the children play. Let the smile dance on their faces as you ask them to tell you about the day. These things you will know as truth for you to as a parent/guardian will be right there with them seeing their excitement.

      Merchants: lots of room to set shop for shoppers to peruse your merchandise- If you are interested is setting up please send information to sterlingdelarosa@...

      Food ***Please note that lunch will be done differently this year. Please see under feast fees for the change*** Do you have ANY food allergies restriction please contact sterlingdelarosa@...

      Camping Rules: No ground fires outside of an approved fire pit. All fires must be attended and have properly filled fire buckets near the fire pit. Soon Firewood will be available, no cutting of live trees. No liquid fuel or liquid fuel devices.

      Motor vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas. If you have special needs please contact the site autocrat.

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