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check this and let me know more names of those who helped, please

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  • Holly Wood
    Greetings from Linette! Spring War Practice has ended, but the warm feeling generated when friends and colleagues gather in camaraderie still lingers! I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2012
      Greetings from Linette!

      Spring War Practice has ended, but the warm feeling generated when
      friends and colleagues gather in camaraderie still lingers! I cannot
      fully express how grateful I am for all of the generous help given by
      the wonderful people who attended and worked at this event, but I
      will try. If I miss anyone, please know it is from my over-tired
      brain malfunctioning and not from a lack of gratitude.

      First, thank you to all those who attended despite the cold
      weather! We had many people at the event with some traveling from as
      far away as Carolingia. Thank you for joining us and supporting the
      Southern Army and the western region of the Kingdom. We are always
      glad to see our friends and neighbors from far and near!

      Thank you to the crew who slogged away for set-up, clean-up, and all
      weekend: Arthur, my Deputy Autocrat, who did various jobs and helped
      me keep my head together; Armand the Groundskeeper, who persevered
      despite personal tribulations; Snorri, who graciously loaned us a
      rental tent for Troll; and the rest of the crew: Wulfgar, Ivan,
      Sasha, Kara, Cat, Keeti, Wolfram, Etain, Sorcha and kids, Erec,
      Connal, Orlaithe, Hroudland, Olwen, newcomers Meera and Patrick,
      Marcus, Fabrisse, Gwenllian, Connor, Mara, Alana, Joscelin, and friends.

      Thank you to the marvelous Kitchen staff who provided us with a whole
      weekend of wonderful food: Head Cook Elisabetta, Victor, Cat, Keeti,
      Gerald, Marcus, Fabrisse, Connal, Orlaithe, Asa, Macy (at her first
      event!). Thank you very much to the crew who willingly came in after
      the feast and washed mountains of dishes with no running hot
      water: Wolf, Jayme, Erec, Wulfgar, Mara, Oddvar, Bleiddwn, Ivan,
      Titus, and any others I've missed in the chaos post-feast.

      Huge Thanks to my able Reservations Clerk and Head Troll, Constancia,
      and to her willing helpers Apollonia, Fiona, and Colin. Thanks to
      Gerald and Hroudland who provided heaters, and Connal for his lanterns.

      We had a wonderful day of A&S education in addition to the fighting,
      thanks to the SWISS Alliance. Thank you to organizers and teachers:
      Sol, Isabel, Ros, Gwenllian, Magdalena, Jayme, Sabine, Alana, Barry,
      Tristan, Erlan. A special thank to Mistress Anne Liese, who filled
      in for the Dyeing Class at the last minute, and spent a whole day
      creating wonderful colors for all to see. Thank you to Ros and Raven
      and crew for organizing the Herbal Tea and Embroiderer's Solar, and
      thank you to Celleach and the Athena's Thimble folks, and all the
      others who attended - and to the musicians who added so much by
      bringing live music to it: Skyn Wynd and Wyre, with Marcus, Ana, Sol,
      Fabrisse, Connal, Orlaithe; and also Erlan and Sabine who played as
      well. Thanks also go to all who helped with the Passport Scavenger
      Hunt: Celebriande, Sol, and all those who acted as stations on the Hunt.

      War Practice wouldn't be the same without melee combat, so thank you
      to the marshals and list ministers who made it possible: Wulfgar,
      Ivan, Mord, Mary of Montvale and helpers. Thank you to Alana,
      Domenic, and all the teachers and marshals down at the Archery Range
      and Thrown Weapons Range: Jibril, John, Talmar, Colin, and Sam, and
      I'm sure there were others. I heard there was a great turnout of
      interested folks! Thank you also to Hroudland for running Youth
      Combat, and to all those who helped him.

      We experienced considerable trials and tribulations with this event,
      including poor weather predictions and a site which was in
      unexpectedly poor shape. However, the people who willingly pitched
      in and helped to make this event happen are simply amazing and I
      raise my glass to you all. Some of you are old hands and have been
      serving our Society for decades. Some of you are new and leaping in
      with both feet. All of you, individually and collectively, are the
      reason why our Society is such a wonderful place, and the reason why
      I will treasure my memories of this weekend for many years to come.

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