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Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins

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  • drosen105@aol.com
    Greetings to the list, This Saturday is Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins. There will be archery, fighting, archery, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, archery,
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      Greetings to the list,
      This Saturday is Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins. There will be archery, fighting, archery, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, archery, board games, and ummm let me think...oh yea, archery. I've put together a 16 station woods walk that will be fun for archers of ANY skill. So if you have even a passing interest in Archery, you might want to check it out this weekend. Here's the event announcement.

      Rupert the Unbalanced

      Greetings Come One, Come All, to the Premier Archery Event hosted by the Barony of Carillion!

      Ghost, Ghouls and Goblins a novelty archery shoot from the diabolical mind of Master Rupert the Unbalanced (and we all know how twisted his mind is!) This is a shoot to challenge all levels, stroll through the woods protect the monsters from butterflies or the evil maidens, help stop the plague and kill the rats...this shoot is always a challenge bring plenty of arrows and have fun!

      Not interested in Archery, never fear … We call our fencers to save us, by poking the scary things! Defeat them once again claiming victory of Champions for our fair Barony!

      Heavy fighters we call on thee to bump, thwack and hit the scary ghouls and goblins! To save this fair barony from the tyranny of the creepy crawlies and claim a victory!

      Thrown weapons your accuracy is required! Knives, axes and spears are what’s needed to defeat the ghosts and monsters this fair barony is facing! Dazzle us with your skills and claim a victory over things that go bump in the night!

      Arts and Sciences your skills too are required, show us your prowess in the arts or befuddle the monsters with science! Please bring your projects for all to see the mighty skills of our artisans.

      The autocrat is challenging our artists to present a period appropriate project incorporating Ghost, Ghouls and Goblins! Also in honor of our dearly beloved Baron we also encouraging an A&S challenge of horses and/or Fish.
      There is also a people’s choice award.

      Children come carve pumpkins and show your skills! The pumpkins will be used for the night novelty archery shoot! All are welcomed to stay after feast to shoot the pumpkins in the dark! More activities listed below.

      GGG is also Carillion’s Champion event. We ask all who enter our competitions to be aware that they may come out the champion!
      Obligations of Champions:
      Plan the next year’s champion competition in your field, i.e., thrown weapons, heavy, fencing etc
      Attend & stand with the Baron and Baroness of Carillion during baronial court
      Walk with Carillion during Pennsic opening ceremonies

      Merchants Attending the event:
      The Burley Badger:

      The Indigo Cat Fiber Arts:

      This is a weekend long camping event.

      Troll is open:
      Friday Oct 21, 6pm-10pm
      Saturday October 22, 9am - 3:30/4pm
      If you expect to arrive after 10pm on friday, please call autocrat or co autocrat before 10pm for instructions.
      Site Opens: 6pm 10/21/11
      Site Closes: 12pm 10/23/11

      Event Location

      Quail Hill Scout Reservation
      56 LaValley Drive
      Manalapan, NJ 07726

      Quail Hill is located in Manalapan Township in western Monmouth County.

      From the shore: Take NJ Route 33 west from Freehold (U.S. Route 9) six miles to County Route 527A (Iron Ore Rd.). Turn right (north) and proceed 1/2 mile to LaValley Drive. Turn right again and follow LaValley Drive 1/2 mile to the gate.

      From the NJ Turnpike: Exit #8 from the turnpike to Route 33 east. Proceed east 6 miles to Route 527A. Take the jughandle and proceed north as described above.

      Event Fees

      Site : SITE FEES IN ADVANCE of 10/07/11:
      Adult day:
      Non member: $15.00;
      Member's receive a $5 discount:$10.00
      Child Day:$5.00 (children under 3yrs old free)
      (checks must be postmarked by October 7, 2011 to receive advance payment discounts)

      Cabins:$6 per person
      (*Cabins are shared; bring your own bedding)

      Family Rate for Members in advance only:
      2 adults 3+ children incl feast: $40.00
      Family Rate for members w/camping: $50.00

      Adult Day:
      Non member $18.00
      Member received $5 discount $13.00
      Child Day:$5.00

      Cabins*:$6.00 per person
      (*Cabins are shared; bring your own bedding)

      NO family rates at door
      Feast: FEAST FEES IN ADVANCE of 10/07/11
      Adult Feast: $8.00
      Child Feast: $5.00
      (family rate listed in site fees)

      Adult: $10.00
      Child: $5.00
      No family rates at door
      Make Checks Payable to: SCA NJ, Inc - Barony of Carillion

      Contact Information

      Event Steward:
      Lady Máirghréad Ghearr mka Heather Rosen
      frayoch at gmail dot com
      732-996-1504 please no calls after 10pm

      Co Autocrat
      lady Rapheala Mascala mka Shannon Jayne
      smjayne at gmail dot com
      732-674-0210 no calls after 10pm
      Send Reservations to:
      Lady Luned Gwyn
      mka Tina LaSala
      23 Lincoln Street
      Howell, NJ 07731

      Other Contact Information:
      Children's Activities times posted at Troll:
      Pumkin Carving
      Story Time
      Make a ghost!
      Make a scary marionette!
      See what a knight wears
      Whack a Knight
      All children are welcome to participate, as always parental/guardian supervision is required.
      Game Day
      you can learn to play "Hnefatafl" and then be one of the 20 from that class who play three rounds to win a 27ct oval cut Tanzanite gemstone from Africa.

      No pets permitted on site except service animals.

      Merchants there are no additional fees beyond the site fee and feast if so desired.
      Please contact co autocrat Rapheala Mascala for space.

      Day Board will be provided by Baroness Katrina MacAulish.

      Feast will be provided by Lord Wulfgang Gruenwald
      (Bob!) plumbbob49@...
      Allergy and food concerns please contact our food providers.

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    • Marc
      Hi ALL! At the Amethyst Challenge. I gave away a Six carat Citrine, a Six carat Garnet.. And the big prize: one 26 carat Green Amethyst. Of the players, only
      Message 2 of 7 , Oct 18, 2011
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        Hi ALL!

        At the Amethyst Challenge. I gave away a Six carat Citrine, a Six
        carat Garnet..
        And the big prize: one 26 carat Green Amethyst.

        Of the players, only one had played Nine Men's Morris before.
        One of those who'd never played before won the competition and was
        awarded the Amethyst

        This coming weekend the prize will be a beautiful blue 27 ct.
        Tanzanite gemstone.
        I'll be teaching the game "Hnefatafl", a Scandinavian siege game that
        is a variant of Tafl(meaning 'Table') which was very popular until
        being displaced by Chess(Skak-Tafl or "check-table" )

        Come learn a game!
        Potentially bring home the main prize or one of the "effort" prizes.

        Learn the skills needed to win one of the prizes in my up-coming
        "Grand Challenge"

        The Tanzanite Challenge will be presented at Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins

        The Ruby Challenge(for a 35 ct Ruby) will be presented at Bhakail's Yule.

        Also, Due to a change in Bellringers, I am looking for a home in the
        Southern Region for my Grand Challenge.
        I've spoken with the folks in Iron Bog about their Investiture and
        they'll be getting back to me
        I'm also waiting on word from Gryphonwald on their up-coming
        "Black Gryphon Inn".

        But if your group has an event planned for late January or
        February that can accommodate a three hour gaming competition, contact me!

        Mithgiladan the Herald
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