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Information regarding River Wars II.V (Oct 14th-Oct 16th)

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    ****Important Information about the food at River Wars II.V*** To be held on October 14th through 16th in the Barony of Iron Bog
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2011
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      ****Important Information about the food at River Wars II.V***
      To be held on October 14th through 16th in the Barony of Iron Bog

      I would like to get some important information out to as many ppl as possible so please forgive any cross posts you may receive. And please forward to any lists I may have missed.
      I am the Head Cook for River Wars II.V and I’m very excited about the menu (that can be found on the above website) that will be served throughout the weekend. I’m also excited about some ideas I’m putting to use to help keep the Dayboard flowing and reduce confusion for seating at Feast.
      Please read on if you are attending the event:
      Friday (10/14) Dinner:-There will be two servings of the dinner, at 630pm and at 830pm.
      Saturday Camper’s breakfast (10/15)-There will be a Camper’s breakfast available from 7am until 9am.
      Day Board-11:25 am to 2:25 pm

      If you are gathering food for a group of ppl (3 adults or more) please come to the kitchen and we will fill a plate or tray for your group.
      A Gluten Free table will be set up just inside the kitchen.
      All dishes will have tags showing main ingredients, also there will be full ingredient lists in many places.
      At the Heavy and Rapier fields there will be small tables with fighter food. If you are not a fighter, please avail yourself of the full dayboard in the Main Hall.


      There will be a seating chart located in the Main Hall. Please make sure that you stop in and mark where you wish to sit for the Feast.
      There will be two tables marked and set specifically for Gluten Free attendees.
      Please be very aware of what tables are for the feast, those will be the only tables food will be delivered to.

      There will be water set out for dish cleaning both after dayboard and after feast-please do not use sinks.

      Sunday Brunch with the Baroness (10/16)-
      Breakfast foods and any leftovers that might be available will be served to anyone still on site. If you are still on site and wish to help with any clean up, extra hands are always welcome and greatly appreciated!

      All that being said, if you would like to lend a hand in the kitchen, help with day board upkeep (making sure no bowl stays empty) or serve feast, any and all help is gratefully accepted in the kitchen area.
      Lastly but very important, if you have any food type allergies, please, contact me at katyagordon@... before the event.

      As always, In Service to the Dream,
      Lady Katya Gordon,
      Head Cook for River Wars II.V

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