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  • Robert Wolpert
    ... Notes on the Second Open Proposed Principality Meeting, February 6th, 1999 An open meeting was held at the Rusted Woodlands EKU on Saturday, February 6th,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 1999
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      >Duchess Gabrielle wrote:
      Notes on the Second Open Proposed Principality Meeting, February 6th,
      An open meeting was held at the Rusted Woodlands EKU on Saturday,
      February 6th, 1999, in Phillipsburg, NJ from 1:00pm until about 3:30pm. . .
      . etc., etc.<

      Greetings to all who are on this list. I'm Philippe de Bouillon from the
      Owl's Reste. I've been an official member of the SCA for only a month. I
      wanted to speak at the above meeting, but I also wanted to attend as many
      different classes as possible (I'm sorry if I appeared aloof to anyone...I
      was just overwhelmed, enjoying it all, and taking as much in as I could
      :) ), so while there is a lull in the messages, please bear with me while I
      give my humble opinion.

      I attended my first SCA event in the spring of 1968 when I was a college
      freshman in Cleveland. I didn't actually "attend" it. I more or less
      stumbled into a group of people who looked like they were hitting each other
      with stick ball bats while protecting their heads with Quaker Oats
      look-alike boxes. I was amused with this group with the strange sounding
      name as they were trying to spread their brand of medieval fun eastward.
      I attended my second event in the fall of 1998, thirty and a half years
      later. I've seen proof that change is a good thing. People were now wearing
      armor that I drooled over (hopefully not on!). It was like going to medieval
      For most of those 30 years I did not join the SCA because of the travel that
      my job had required. Ten years ago I settled down and five years ago I tried
      to join the SCA. I found the East Kingdom web site, sent off an email
      requesting information, waited and....nothing. Another email and again no
      response. I tried another email address and still no response. It seemed to
      me that there was nothing in the southern region of PA and no one in the
      East Kingdom who was interested in me. I gave up and would not have
      experienced the SCA again if it had not been for a serendipitious run in (in
      a good way) with the local Knight Marshall. I was surprised to find a local
      shire and that I didn't have to go to NJ or NY to participate in SCA
      My points are these:
      1) Anything that is alive and healthy will grow, and growth means change.
      Change is good when it is carefully planned by cool heads and wise minds. My
      compliments to Duke Timothy and Duchess Gabrielle for the way they are
      handling this.
      2) I believe that a Southern Principality will not only provide more fun and
      opportunity for those of us who are in this region and already involved, but
      it will also provide better outreach opportunities to those who enjoy what
      we enjoy, but who have not yet become acquainted with the SCA. It seems to
      me that the East Kingdom might be too large to do that outreach effectively.
      It's a proven fact that smaller entities grow faster than large ones. This
      was nicely pointed out by Linnette in her comments at the EKU meeting about
      the growth that occurred after Aethelmearc departed the EK.
      3) I believe that a Southern Principality would be a good change. I'm not
      in favor of a separate kingdom, but if it should eventually happen, it
      wouldn't be the worst thing to have to endure. I've witnessed that over the
      years change has made the SCA better, stronger and more fun. I have faith
      that will continue. Now that I've found the SCA, I sure don't want to see it
      die a slow stagnating death.
      P.S. All you people are wonderful. That's for letting me join in the fun.
      It's been worth the wait. :)
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