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Problems with sites

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  • Dave DeVito
    Having autocrated a few events in the swamp I must say the issue of finding and holding on to a site is one of the biggest problems we have. From what I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 1999
      Having autocrated a few events in the swamp I must say the issue of finding
      and holding on to a site is one of the biggest problems we have. From what I
      have been running into the problem is not so much that they do not want to
      rent the hall the full day the places I have been dealing with rent by the
      hour so they get their money one way or the other. The problem has been
      insurance the SCA is not a insurance friendly group. Getting a certificate
      from corporate helps but we need to strike up a relationship with the group
      that runs the site. They need to understand who we are and what we do. When
      I ran Timothy & Gabrielle's last coronation the problems I had with site
      was all do to us using the kitchen. We had used the site before and the
      people there knew what we were about had no problem with us renting the
      hall. Their insurance company however told them they could not rent the
      kitchen.Basically open flame , swords and other weapons did not bother them
      cooking on the other hand ... It took us and the VFW people to work out a
      agreement that there insurance people would approve. If the VFW did not
      trust us there would have been no way we could have pulled it off. The
      point is we all need to take care of the sites we do have to use and get to
      know the people there.

      As for should we be a Principality? I am not convinced how it would help the
      area. The biggest problem I see is apathy on a local level. If you look at
      the membership numbers in NJ alone we have lots of people. Were are these
      people when it comes to running local events? Being a officer in a local
      group or just helping out. I see to many households show up to fight in a
      tourney and not even stay for the feast. How many tourney winners have we
      had leave the site before court just because the fighting was over. The
      local groups are the foundation of the sca if they are forgotten about all
      the talk of Principalities and kingdoms is useless. How will adding another
      layer help the shires and baronies do the jobs that are needed , won't it
      just pull more people away ?

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      From: Michelle Roberts <editor@...>
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      Date: Wednesday, February 17, 1999 6:38 PM
      Subject: [EKSouth] Re: [OST] Mostly Rhetorical Questions on the Principality

      >From: "Michelle Roberts" <editor@...>
      >> Maybe they haven't gotten around to scouting for
      >> appropriate sites
      >> Gabrielle
      >Don't forget how difficult it is to find reasonable sites that a group can
      >afford... it's getting more and more difficult in the Swamp area to come up
      >with places that have a decent kitchen, sufficient parking, areas for the
      >martial events, enough room to hold 400+ people, on a Saturday, that fits
      >into the event's budget (some are priced astronomically) and will let you
      >have the site for the whole day (in the busy season, many sites commonly
      >have as many as three wedding receptions in a single day, all of them
      >what we want to pay for the whole day. You do the math... who would they
      >prefer to rent to?).
      >I know I had a heck of a time when I autocratted Tudor Tavern Night a few
      >years ago-- I found a site with enough room for the attendees, a nice stage
      >area for the entertainment, and good parking, for a reasonable price.
      >However, I had to sacrifice a decent kitchen-- the servers had to tote the
      >platters up from the basement, *not* fun, and the oven showered the pies
      >with soot (but hey, a little carbon is good for you); fighting, fencing,
      >archery (there was no room to hold any of them); and a comfortable changing
      >And remember the 12th Night in the Westfield Armoury (about 8 years ago)?
      >That was a huge site but oops! no heat. Jessa can expound on that better
      >than I.
      >Conversely, I have found nearly a dozen super sites that have everything
      >that we could possibly need, including classrooms, but they have church
      >services on Saturday and therefore won't rent on that day. It's very
      >frustrating-- so close, but yet so far.
      >So my point (and I do have one) is that perhaps some of the reason for the
      >reluctance of SR groups to bid for RP events is because it's so tough to
      >find a suitable place to hold them. At least, that's why I wouldn't and
      >couldn't offer to autocrat one.
      >Marguerite de Bordeaux
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