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9611Re: [EKSouth] Changes to the Amror Standards

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  • Jennifer Heise
    May 3, 2010
      > First, you like all citizen's of the East absolutely have the right to
      > comment on martial activities in the East. As you pointed out it does
      > impact those attending the event in addition to those fighting.
      The East being what it is, I find it simpler and safer to confine my
      opinions to the general. That being, is it improper for the SEM to make such
      a policy?

      > Also, do you believe that the ends justify the means? The reason I ask is
      > that you don't seem to have a problem that the Marshal's Office is able to
      > create a dress code that has nothing to do with safety in the lists.
      Again, it seems to me that the martial sports community has made its own
      standards in the past in terms of appropriate dress in the field. That being
      so, for the technical head of the martial sports community to interpret the
      rules of the list along with the reasonable attempt standard for the
      maritial sports community does not make me disturbed as such.

      Do I approve of the new rules? I make a point of not caring about such
      things. I simply don't dispute that the the SEM has the right to hand down a
      policy. Is the policy restrictive? I don't know, not being a fighter.

      > Will you be as comfortable with a ruling from a Society Officer about dress
      > codes for Court, in order to receive a scroll, or to receive an award in
      > order to make Court more aesthetically pleasing as some want in the lists?
      I don't know, not being involved in many activities that have society-level
      supervision. Should, say, the Minister of Arts & Sciences or Laurel Queen of
      arms make a ruling involving minimal proper appearance for teaching or for
      heralding court, I would hope my commentary would be on the practicality of
      the rules/policy rather than whether they should be allowed to be made.

      > Whether you support or oppose this policy, shouldn't a decision like this
      > have been made by the Royalty in curia instead of the SEM?
      Respected Master Lawrence, unlike you, I don't feel that the Royalty (and
      their curial advisory) are inherently more worthy to hand down policy than
      the Society Officer for the area of activity concerned. This may have
      something to do with hanging around with the wrong sort of out-Kingdom
      heralds, or it may simply have to do with my Polish heritage, where Royalist
      means something rather different than it does here in the East. It seems to
      me that the Royalty are just as likely to make a decision (with or without
      objection from the Curia, since the Curia is after all an ADVISORY body as I
      understand it) that is ill-considered and perhaps incompatible with the
      culture of the East as a Society Officer is to do so.

      -- Metressa Jadwiga

      Jennifer Heise

      known in the SCA as Jadwiga Zajaczkowa

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