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9607RE: [EKSouth] Changes to the Amror Standards

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  • James Peck
    May 2, 2010
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      The same sort of pressure could have been used on fighters and sometimes is.
      Had it been applied consistently, it is unlikely the SEM would have decided
      steps were needed to get compliance with the pre-17th century appearance

      As far as mockery, ask the fighters. I've resorted to it plenty of times
      when nothing else has worked. After all, I wrote the original SCA Thing (to
      the tune of wild thing) around 1987 or so, partly to effect social change by
      making people who wore welcome mats (that still said 'welcome') as armour &
      other abominations, realize how idiotic that looked, even if it was amusing.
      I only stopped singing it when Earl Shannon threatened me with bodily harm.
      At the time not singing, at least not in front of Shannon, seemed the
      smarter choice :-)

      Richard Blackmoore


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      On 2 May 2010 at 6:14, Joel Doner wrote:

      > My apologies for picking on the fencers. That was not my intent.

      I didn't think you were picking on us. I know what that looks like, and it
      looks different. ;-)

      I thought you were dragging us into an argument that we didn't belong in,
      and being
      factually inaccurate, which are not the same thing as picking on us.

      > Did the Fencers have to be legislated into the pre-17th century as done
      > by the SEM to the fighters, or was it done though
      > positve encouragement? If was the latter, then shouldn't the fighters get
      > the same?

      Well, does policing ourselves so that people would stop treating fencers
      badly and saying
      that we don't belong in the SCA (or, in the case of one memorable person,
      saying that
      fencing is "destroying the soul of the SCA") count as "positive
      encouragement"? We, as a
      community, got sick of being treated badly and over the last 15 years or so,
      we've used
      social pressure and outright mockery to move people away from bad pirate
      garb and bad
      post-period garb. Changing how Joe Generic Fencer looks on the field was
      active we could do to change perceptions.

      TANGENT: Whether the proper cut-off date is 1600 or 1650 remains a hotly
      debated topic
      for another day, but there's a big difference between someone doing good
      1620s garb vs. a
      Disney pirate or Louis XIV. (Yeah, many many many moons ago there was a guy
      consistently wore 1700s stuff on the fencing field).

      An argument can be made that the same sort of social pressure should be
      applied to the
      rattan community. BUT rattan fighters as a community don't get treated
      badly. There's no
      incentive for them to change their behavior as a group. Individuals will
      spiff up their kits
      when they want to get noticed in a positive way. But there's no social
      carrot to hang over
      the head of Joe Generic Fighter until the day he starts having dreams of a
      red or white belt.
      "You're making us all look bad so clean up your act" doesn't have the same
      sting when
      "making us all look bad" carries no material consequences.

      Whether I have a problem with the SEM's methods isn't important. I don't
      know enough
      about his communications with the Kingdom Marshals or Crowns to say whether
      the SEM
      showed poor management skills or not. It appears from the outside that, at
      the very least,
      he didn't understand his audience as well as he thought he did.

      We can keeping arguing about this on the Internet or, we can use that same
      time and
      energy to figure out how to work with and implement this rule that we're
      stuck with (for now)
      in ways that cause the least amount arbitrary harm. Be part of the solution.
      Don't be part
      of the delete file in my mailbox.


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