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9587Re: [EKSouth] Changes to the Amror Standards

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  • Jennifer Heise
    May 1, 2010
      Sittin' in the back row...

      > Lastly, it has been my experience in the East Kingdom that we are not sheep
      > to be lead from above. That we do not just suck it up and take bad rulings
      > from society officers and even sometimes from the BOD. We express ourselves
      > and fight within the rules to do what we think is right.

      This is the East. We're agin it-- as a whole, the East don't take *rulings*
      no matter how sensible. If there was a Ruling from society that said "Drink
      water when you're dehydrated" SCA-East would be full of people complaining.

      Now, when it comes to leadership from someone who has captured people's
      imagination, there will be significant population perfectly ready to march
      off a cliff singing war songs, over the bodies of the fallen if need be.

      This particular ruling was bound to collect more angst than usual, being as
      it 1) involves constraining fighters, something the East is particularly
      resistant to do, especially in areas of historicity, since the East has
      traditionally been a heavily martial-sports kingdom, and 2) We are going
      through a period of increased irritation at what the trendsetters of the
      East have viewed for years as the evil SCA inc. (While I can imagine
      corporate and society organization and operation changing, I can't imagine
      the view thatt he trendsetters of the East of "from above" changing. Thus
      is the advantage of tradition over law; one can CHANGE law.)

      Traditionally, in the East, the fighting field has been held harmless from
      any requests to comply with the pre-17th c. clothing rule, which is why you
      see men (and sometimes women) wearing t-shirts and jeans, knee pads and
      paldrons standing around the field. Apparently, the SEM finds this troubling
      enough to require fighters to make an attempt with their armor while they
      are *in* it. I suppose he could have gone out and made-- or had his sewing
      friends make-- tabards for lazily-dressed/armored fighters instead, but he
      didn't. This ruling puts the onus on the fighters wearing the armor, rather
      than those around them, which is one advantage I see of the ruling over your
      comments, Master Lawrence.

      Other than that, I have no opinion on such things, having been told long ago
      by an MOL and a local knight-marshall that as a non-fighter I had no
      business having opinions about anything involving fighting or fighters. But
      let's not pretend that the East as a whole, especially in its online
      presence, is ever going to be anything but contentious about things.

      Jennifer Heise

      known in the SCA as Jadwiga Zajaczkowa

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