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9342TV Series looking for male horse-riders

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  • pcbutler1701
    Oct 1, 2009
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      Greetings! This is a little off-topic, but thought it might be of interest to any of the equestrians out there. As you might know, most of the "Riders of Rohan" in the Lord of the Rings were actually women, as it proved very difficult to find a lot of skilled male riders (which I personally find very amusing). Now the series "Game of Thrones" is encountering the same problem filming in Ireland, and is making a general call to ANY male riders that can show up for the filming. Link is http://www.extrasni.com/news in case anybody wants to get a paid vacation in Ireland for the end of the month... Feel free of course to forward this to any of the actual equestrian boards - I'm not personally on them.

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