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8014Blafar's Challenge

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  • Baroness Temair
    Apr 2, 2007
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      From the Event Staff of Balfar's Challenge, greetings.

      It has come to our attention that at this late date there are some who are
      not aware that the site for Balfar's Challenge has been moved. Many who
      have attended in years past may have simply marked the date and not checked
      the Pikestaff or the EK event website for particulars.

      The site is *not* PNA Park in Wallingford, CT but the YMCA Mountain Mist
      Outdoor Center in Meriden, CT. For further details, please visit:

      Please feel free to share this information as deemed appropriate.

      Thank you for your time and consideration,
      Joan of Coggeshall, Event Steward
      Renye Wurn, Co-steward
      Mistress Lettice Peyton, Merchant Co-ordinator
      Jaji, Kitchener