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7356Tourney Format March 18

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  • SterlingDeLaRosa@aol.com
    Mar 2, 2006
      The following are the guide lines for the Iron Bog Baronial Investiture
      tournament to place on March 18. If you have any question regarding the
      tournament please Sterling at 856 661 8087 (not after 1am and not
      before 8am)
      Iron Bog?s recipe to a new beginning:
      Ingredients: Take a pinch of Crown tourney, a dash of Birka?s bear
      pit, a sprinkle of last year?s Shire tourney, a drop or two (depending
      on taste) of a Round Robin, and finally stir in some good heraldry.

      There will be four bear pits. First, weapon and shield; second, two
      weapon; third, great weapon; and fourth, spear. Each pit will be fought
      as a standard bear pit.

      After fighters sign in at the list table, they will be given a number
      to be placed on the right side of their helm by the inspecting marshal.
      This number will be used by the MOL to keep accurate points. Further,
      the numbers will be used to pair up the first eight fighters; first
      round will be drawn randomly by Their Excellencies.

      The winner of each bout will remain in that list until defeated, and
      then fallen fighter will leave the list. The fallen fighter will then
      report to the list mistress, informing her that he has lost, from which
      pit and the name of the victor. After reporting to the list table, the
      fallen fighter will move to the next pit in which the fighter is
      authorized. The fallen fighter cannot return to the same pit he has
      just been defeated in until he has gone through all of the pits for the
      weapons forms for which he is authorized.

      Each fighter will be given 1 point for fighting in a list. The
      victorious fighter will be given 2 points for each victory.

      At the end of the time allotted for the first part of the tournament,
      the two fighters with the highest accumulated points will then fight
      best two out of three to bring forth the winner of the tournament.

      Iron Bog Champion shall be determined as follows:
      ? The champion must reside within the boundaries of the Barony of Iron
      ? Should the victor of the overall tournament not be a resident of
      Iron Bog, there will be a second set of finals for the two resident
      fighters with the highest points. This final will be fought best two
      out of three.

      If we have two winners, one being the winner of the Tourney who is not
      a resident of Iron Bog, the victor of the overall tournament and the
      Iron Bog Champion will then fight a best three out of five.

      In addition to the fighting points, there will be bonus points awarded
      throughout the day by Her Excellency. These points will be for
      heraldric display, period attempts at armor, and fighting with chivalry
      and honor. What that means ?display your arms, try not to wear
      sneakers, and the last one should speak for itself.