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6712Branches w/o Warranted Heralds

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  • scribe0002@aol.com
    Mar 10, 2005
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      Greetings to the lists and forgive my cross posting.

      I am so close to having all the branch heralds accounted for . . . so close
      . . . If there are folks here from these groups or if you know folks in these
      groups, please ask them to contact me so I can either warrant their heralds
      or note that they do not have an active herald.

      Barony Beyond the Mountain; Shires of Anglespur, Caer Adamant, Coldwood, Les
      Sylves Constellees, Ar n-Eileen-ne, Barren Sands; and the Cantons of Sea
      Tyger's Rhyn, Keep by the Endless Sea, Sandmork, Fennbrycg, Dragon's Aerie,
      Bowman's Rest, Lion's End, Forestgate and Trollhaven

      In order to hold a branch heraldic office or accept submissions in the East,
      a person must hold a warrant from the hand of the current Brigantia. That is
      attained through Mosaic Herald, me. I need SCA Name & Title, SCA Membership
      Number & Exp Date, Branch Served, Title of Office if any is registered,
      Mundane Name & Address, E-mail Address and Optionally a Phone Number.

      Simple. Then our list is up to date and completely correct. Thank you for
      your time and all your services whoever you are reading this missive. It is

      Gisela Mosaic

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