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6674Re: [EKSouth] Re: Branches w/o Warranted Heralds

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  • Bob Upson
    Mar 1, 2005
      On 1 Mar 2005 at 13:48, Brunissende de Broc´┐Żliande wrote:

      > However I would think it might be possible for subgroups that don't have a group Herald
      > to have somebody just take 5 minutes to email Mosaic, or Brigantia or somebody just to
      > tell that they don't have one, so that the quest for missing Heralds can stop :)

      That's backwards. If Mosaic or Brigantia doesn't have them on the
      roster, then the group doesn't have a herald. (They may *think* that
      they have one but if they aren't on the kingdom roster, they aren't
      the group herald.=)

      Old used up herald
      (Who used to fill one of those slots on the missing list until
      somebody else came along just dying to be the herald. Apparently
      he's gone AWOL. ;)

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